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Shapiro welcomes bipartisan talk in battle-weary Capitol

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (AP) — Democratic governor-elect Josh Shapiro Next month, we’ll talk about how voters across Pennsylvania’s political spectrum have mandated him, carry a message to a state Capitol that’s been torn apart by partisanship, and talk about the most recent legislative collapse.

A two-term state attorney general, former state legislator and county commissioner, Shapiro knows more than any of his recent predecessors about what it takes to pass legislation in the nation’s largest standing legislature. You may be familiar with it.

Shapiro starts off in a strong position for a good portion. His fellow Democrats won the House, state coffers were plentiful, and Republican opponents were weak. spread far-right opinions It repelled donors and moderate voters.

Still, the state Senate is still under Republican control, and new laws require the Republican stamp of approval. Now, five weeks into his transition, Shapiro is emphasizing bipartisanship, including Republicans on transition teams, and sidestepping radioactive political issues.

Shapiro addressed an audience of political and social elite at the Pennsylvania Society’s dinner in New York. his strong 15 point win as a bipartisan victory in the November elections.

“Keep in mind that we didn’t just build a bipartisan coalition just to win elections, we built a bipartisan coalition to govern Pennsylvania for all 13 million Pennsylvanians. I want you to know,” Shapiro told the crowd.

Shapiro said his immediate predecessor, Democratic Gov. Tom Wolfe, most denials by the governor Since the 1970s, they have opted for unilateral legislation through executive orders, regulations, or agency actions to circumvent a Republican-dominated Congress. Pursue legislation by constitutional amendment to circumvent Wolf’s veto.

During his campaign, Shapiro distanced himself from such ploys, saying he would “make the legislative process work again.”

When he takes office on January 17, some of his top priorities will be familiar to Republicans from Wolfe’s tenure.

Shapiro spoke about increasing funding for chronically underfunded public schools. This could mean asking lawmakers for billions more. We will also raise the state minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Still, Shapiro is committed to disarming Republicans and more policies, including lower corporate income taxes, greater taxpayer support for private and parochial schools, and faster state permits for industrial and construction projects. has expressed support for

Shapiro’s rhetorical and political approach So far, it’s been spotlighted by Republicans.

Speaking at a state Republican luncheon in New York earlier this month, Senate Republican leader Kim Ward (Westmoreland County) said he was optimistic about what could be achieved. He told the crowd that he has many priorities that will appeal to the

House Republican leader Brian Cutler of Lancaster County said there was a lot of consistency between what Shapiro said and what Republicans in the House have prioritized.

“These are all priorities that we are absolutely happy to work on,” Cutler said in an interview.

Next, Shapiro will likely ask Republicans to bow to what he wants.

As Attorney General, Shapiro frequently sought legislators’ approval of his office’s priorities, with several wins and losses.

Congressmen gave Shapiro more money to hire more agents. groundbreaking grand jury report Regarding the Cover-Up of Child Sexual Abuse in the Roman Catholic Diocese, agreed to extend the statute of limitations.

But Senate Republicans rejected his pleas to lift time limits in state laws that bar adult victims from filing lawsuits.

Lawmakers meanwhile rejected Mr. Shapiro’s attempts to expand office powers pursue gun trafficking crimes This is a key factor in Shapiro’s desire to fight gun violence.

At the Capitol, the main event of each year is the passage of the budget, and for the first few years wolf Former Democratic Governor Ed Rendell has put forward an ambitious tax plan. Intensification of protracted budget battles in a Republican-controlled Congress.

Wolfe downplays the notion that bipartisanship means harmony.

“I think we tend to talk about bipartisanship,” Wolfe said in an interview. “But that’s not democracy. Democracy is about openly and proudly disagreeing. I have.”

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Wolf and Rendell claim to have accomplished a lot in the office despite their difficult first few years.

Still, some Democratic lawmakers who are veterans of the Capitol say it will be important for Shapiro to avoid a divisive first budget bill.

The scars of a lingering budget battle can last for years, they say.

For one thing, it can do political damage that will be difficult to undo in time for a re-election campaign. Another example is that opposition lawmakers may be dissatisfied with working with the governor on future efforts.

Democrat Mark Singel, who served as lieutenant governor under the late former governor Robert P. Casey, called Senate Republican leaders to “beg” for votes on the tax package Casey submitted after he won re-election. I remembered going to a meeting with the austerity.

After that, it became harder to pass the bill, Singel said.

“They weren’t going to let us forget it,” Singel said. , that was the real intention.”


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