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Scott Conklin calls for surveillance of domestic abusers

State College, Pennsylvania (WTAJ) — State representatives from Center County are proposing legislation to enable electronic surveillance of domestic abusers.

Rep. Scott Conklin (D-Centre) has proposed legislation to help those whose protection orders have been filed by requiring abusers to be monitored. Conklin said the law stemmed from his 2013 murder of a family friend.

“Almost half of the US already allows electronic surveillance of abusers in cases of domestic violence, but Pennsylvania is not one of those states,” Conklin said. “If this were Pennsylvania law, it could have saved the lives of my close family friends and the lives of other victims suffering at the hands of abusers.”

In 2013, Tracy Ann Raymond Miscavish was shot dead despite having a PFA against her estranged husband after he repeatedly threatened to take her life.

“In 2018, we passed Act 79, which requires people covered by the PFA to give up their firearms. , the law does not reduce the threat of further violence against victims,” ​​Conklin said.

In addition, recent federal court decisions state that Circuit Court Decision The law, which declared unconstitutional a federal law criminalizing the possession of firearms by persons under domestic violence restraining orders, appears to undermine existing protections for victims of domestic violence. Conklin said a court-like decision would only emphasize the need for the state legislature to act on his proposed legislation.

“No matter what we do, we can’t get our family friends back, but we may be able to save someone else’s life,” lamented Conklin. If Traci’s husband had been ordered to wear a GPS surveillance device when the PFA order was finalized, Traci could still be alive today.

Conklin said that not only for Traci, but for all victims of domestic violence who may be living under constant threat and fear of violence, whether they have PFA or not, the law said it plans to reintroduce

https://www.wkbn.com/news/pennsylvania/pa-state-rep-calls-for-monitoring-of-domestic-abusers/ Scott Conklin calls for surveillance of domestic abusers

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