Riviera Creek Local Marijuana Growers Brian Kessler and Daniel Kessler Speak Out on Legalization

young townOhio (WKBN) – In 2018, Riviera Creek began growing and processing cannabis for medical purposes at its warehouse on Crescent Street, just north of downtown Youngstown.

Five years later, the November ballot issue just awaits petition approval before deciding whether recreational marijuana should be legal in Ohio.

Riviera Creek owners Brian Kessler and Daniel Kessler say people smoking illegal marijuana in Ohio can be dangerous.

“I don’t know if it’s tied up or just poorly handled and stored,” Brian Kessler said.

The Kesslers said they supported plans to legalize marijuana primarily because it would be regulated and safe.

“I agree with everything I can do to bring safe, tested and regulated products to people’s touch…and this does it,” said Brian Kessler.

To keep marijuana safe, the Kessler family uses the Riviera Creek genetics room, where everyone wears protective gear.

“We use tissue culture to get plants from the microscopic level,” says Brian Kessler.

Their plants start as small cells and grow into something harvestable in 12 weeks.

“So we always keep the exact same product,” says Brian Kessler.

In five years, Riviera Creek has grown from Brian and Daniel into a vibrant place that employs nearly 100 people.

The company continues to expand, introducing a loyalty program for frequent buyers and a new product called Riv Sticks, plastic containers of marijuana that sell for $12.

“There are very few cannabis stores under $20,” said Brian Kessler.

The Kesslers say that if the ballot issue is passed, demand should increase by five to ten times what is currently used for medical purposes.

“All the millions of dollars spent illegally will now be regulated and taxed, so there will be benefits,” said Daniel Kessler.

Riviera Creek is ready to expand.

“There is a lot of room for growth within the current facility,” Brian Kessler said.

Brian believes Riviera Creek is making some profit. Not a lot, but a little. Both companies will continue to reinvest in their businesses and continue to expand. Riviera Creek Local Marijuana Growers Brian Kessler and Daniel Kessler Speak Out on Legalization

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