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Revolutionary War Days at Fort Roberdeau brings local history to life | WTAJ

ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ)– Fort Roberdeau in Altoona is welcoming visitors all weekend long with historical reenactments.

Admission and parking are free for the weekend as guests can tour the fort, watch demonstrations of equipment and weapons, and see live Revolutionary War reenactments.

Major battle reenactments happen each day at 3 p.m., plus a new reenactment starting Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. Attendees are able to see a visual story based on local events, watching American patriots defend the Lead Mine Fort while becoming immersed in 18th-century field camp life.

The fort played a key role as a base for lead mining during the Revolutionary War says Executive Director of the site Glenn Nelson.

“The king was happy to send his lead as he was expanding his colonies during the French and Indian War,” said Nelson. “But when we signed the Declaration of Independence he wasn’t too keen on sending us lead anymore.”

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Nelson says the event is something that he, other employees and reenactors look forward to every year as they share how Altoona played a role in the birth of our nation.

https://www.wtaj.com/news/local-news/revolutionary-war-days-at-fort-roberdeau-brings-local-history-to-life/ Revolutionary War Days at Fort Roberdeau brings local history to life | WTAJ

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