Residents of Canfield, Ohio still without power following severe weather

CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) — Areas of Canfield are still without power, but FirstEnergy officials say they are hopeful the power will be restored by Monday evening.

Lynden Bartholomew is visiting from Florida to see her elderly grandparents. She’s been without power for over a day.

“It was around 12:30 Friday morning — really early in the morning — so we have been without power for over 24 hours,” Lynden said. “We contacted the electric company [Friday] afternoon once all of our neighbors got their electric back, and they said our electricity wouldn’t be back up until Monday at 11 p.m.”

“You can’t see where you’re going,” said Lynn Bartholomew. “My parents are elderly — my dad has some health issues, he really can’t walk around in the dark.”

The family has been doing everything they can to manage the situation.

FirstEnergy communications supervisor Lauren Siburkis shed some light onto why Canfield’s power hasn’t been restored.

“The extensive damage in Canfield is due to a lot of tree-related damage, especially near a substation that serves many of the customers in that area,” said Siburkis.

Siburkis said they have crews from their affiliates and contractors assisting to help speed restoration.

In some cases, one street can have power while the next street over does not.

“You can’t go based off if your neighbor has power and you don’t, because they could be operating off of a different circuit, which is a different power line,” Siburkis said.

When it comes to preparing for future power outages, there are a few steps people can take.

Siburkis said she wants to remind customers especially with kids and dogs to keep away from tree debris, as there could be electrical hazards hidden in those areas. It’s also a good idea to assume any down or low hanging wire is energized

“Really, just stay in touch with your utility,” she said. “We are generally always putting out reminders and safety reminders ahead of storms to help our customers best prepare.” Residents of Canfield, Ohio still without power following severe weather

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