Republicans suing in Pennsylvania special election

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania (AP) — The top Republican in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives called on the court late Friday to keep voters from filling the three vacancies that will determine control of the House majority in February. .

Rep. Brian Cutler of Lancaster, who presided until November 30, asked the Commonwealth Court to issue an injunction to name the Department of State, Acting Secretary of State Lee Chapman, and the Allegheny County Election Commission as defendants. asked.

Cutler’s submission, his Democratic counterpart as House Leader, Rep. Joanna McClinton of Philadelphia, claims the mantle of House Speakership sent a state order Elections scheduled for February 7th.

Bolstered by a redrawed district map and dominance in the gubernatorial and senate races, the Democrats won 12 seats in the November election, 102 to 101 to regain control of the House for more than a decade. was barely enough. in a minority.

But one successful Democratic incumbent, Rep. Tony Deluca of Allegheny County, died of cancer at the age of 85, weeks before voters put him back in office for another term. His two other Allegheny County Democratic Rep. Rep. Austin Davis and Summer Rep. Lee resigned this week before taking office as lieutenant governor next month.

Cutler’s lawsuit alleges that Deluca’s death before the start of the new session on December 1 meant the Democrats “had a majority of the 102 living members of Congress, or more than the Republican caucuses. It claims to mean “cannot claim”.

Cutler’s lawsuit challenges McClinton’s authority to issue three “election warrants” under state law and the Constitution.

With 99 Democrats and 101 Republicans expected to attend the swearing-in ceremony on Jan. 3, effective control of the Senate is in the air.

Elections are normally scheduled by the Speaker of the House, and on November 30, the final day of the 2021-22 term, Cutler scheduled the DeLuca special election on February 7. He rejected Cutler’s election papers and accepted McClinton’s papers.

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There will be no speaker in the House until January 3rd. From 2023, his General Secretary Brook Wheeler will preside over the House for the day until delegates choose the speaker who will run the House during its 2024 session. Republicans suing in Pennsylvania special election

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