Report Unlicensed THC Oil Vape Carts is a resource for those who may think they have an unlicensed THC oil cartridge. They’re an independent group from Canada and California aiding the community combat against THC oil cartridges sold with unlicensed brands, which can be a danger to people’s health. Next month will arrive a new feature that improves their current process of letting people submit their very own reports. They also help expose counterfeits such as fake friendly farms carts on their blog.

The origin of Leafipedia starts as a blogging website about cannabis laws and science. Bringing users the most up-to-date knowledge on cannabis science, health, recreational and medical laws and use.  It was soon after they saw a need to help spread awareness on the potential risk and dangerous of illegally sold prefilled THC oil carts.

They are a trustworthy source trying to make more people aware of the benefits of cannabis. Part of their efforts to destigmatize cannabis use is by weeding out illegal products. Sellers of these products take advantage of inexperienced cannabis users and often sell them fake or low-quality THC carts. As recent legalization has allowed for more cannabis products, is committed to making sure cannabis products sold on the market are safe and genuine. With a recent skyrocket in illegally sold and Fake THC oil carts they are set to release a feature by the end of the month when users can report these carts.

Reddit Users Forum Communities To Report Fake THC Carts

Unlicensed brands that look like they are legit can potentially be dangerous, such as the choices carts reported. By the end of 2021 the reddit community has been flooded with thousands of images and comments all asking the same questions. “Is my THC cart fake?”. “How to know if my THC cart is real or not?”. Illegal sellers are flooding products nationwide, and many reporters discuss seeing similar “brands” of carts on their plugs Snap chats and Instagram accounts. Often they are selling cheaper carts that don’t meet health or industry standards. Many illegal sellers will buy empty carts and fill them online with fake THC oil and other chemicals. This has the potential to get any chemical out there put into a cart. There have even been reports of death from fake THC carts.  These carts are  against the law, unsafe and have led to users having numerous health problems. The CDC and the FDA are advising consumers with black market vapes to throw them away as there have been over 2,000 cases of acute respiratory disease problems related to users of these carts. Research has found this is due to Vitamin E oil, sometimes found in the street carts. If you have had any of the following symptoms below in the days or week following use of an illicit cart please see a physician and take the cart with you.

Possible Symptoms from Black Market Vapes

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Weakness and muscle fatigue
  • Shortness of breath

Report Unlicensed THC Oil Vape Carts

Feature for Identifying Fake Carts

Check out some of the upcoming changes that will happen next  month on Leafipedia, making it more user friendly to report fake THC carts. A database of reported illegal THC cartridge brands will help spread awareness to avoid potentially life-threatening situations. Check back in January.1.2022 for the updates. The database also allows users to upload pictures of THC carts, and a small report on them to help people avoid poison. Simply search the cart name or image in the search bar. It is easy to use. Leafipedia has heard the need to protect people from potentially dangerous vape cart situations. For best practice, it is always recommended buying THC oil carts from a dispensary or licensed delivery service.


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