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Repair a Samsung washing machine at home

More recently, the washing process took a lot of time and required considerable effort. Washing units, which include the popular Samsung brand machine, freed us from hard manual labor.

Moreover, in the event of a breakdown, the self-diagnosis system of this device itself indicates the cause of the problem and the place of its localization. It is this task that Samsung washing machine error codes help to solve. Understanding the encoding is important in order to be able to effectively use the “smart” aggregate.

For new generation Samsung washing machines, error codes are displayed on the display. On washing machines that do not have a display, the error is calculated by the glow of the temperature mode selection indicators, plus all the washing mode LEDs blink. First, let’s consider the SMs that have a display, the fact is that in these washing units there are much more codes, that is, the self-diagnosis function is already more modified and therefore more accurately displays the error on the scoreboard, that is, let’s start with the difficult and finish simple. It should also be taken into account that with the development of progress, more and more new functions appear on the SMA, for example, the AquaStop mode. By the way, in my practice there was more than one case when the owner of the washing machine paid for the repair of a dwelling to a neighbor who lives under it, due to flooding. So, such protection as AquaStop protects you and your washing machine from unauthorized leakage of water from under the nozzles or tank, and in the event of a leak, it automatically stops washing.

What is the danger of an error on the display

If your Samsung washing machine writes an alphanumeric combination on the display or gives a combination of on and flashing lights on the control panel (for models without a screen) and refuses to run the program, this means that there is some kind of problem. Therefore, the machine shows an error. It can be the result of your carelessness, or a serious malfunction that requires professional repair. The error table represents the decoding of Samsung washing machine codes both with and without a display.

There are a fairly large number of codes that your washer can show you, and troubleshooting is not always without investment. In major breakdowns, you also cannot do without contacting a service center or you will have to call a master.

The code indication does not always mean that everything is already known about the malfunction. For example, Samsung washer SC code has several breakdown options:

  • Damage to the pump impeller;
  • pump failure;
  • clogged or pinched drain hose;
  • there are foreign objects in the drain path – coins, buttons …;
  • there may also be a blockage in the sewer system

Thus, one code can have several solutions to the problem.

The responsibility for your safety, if you harm yourself or the Samsung washing machine with the help of the recommendations, lies solely with you. You perform all manipulations at your own peril and risk.

Generalized causes of error codes are presented, and there is no guarantee that the recommendations will solve your particular problem. You should also understand that error codes are not a “panacea”, they only indicate the direction in which to find the problem and will not replace the diagnostic skills of professionals.

In most cases, using error codes, you can find out enough to investigate and diagnose the cause of the breakdown.

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