Release hostages, stop violence in Israel, Gaza

Release all hostages, stop violence in Israel, Gaza

The world is a frightening place. Conflicts between nations, conflicts between people within nations, conflicts that threaten civilians have erupted in violence in multiple places. Too often, the only solution offered to conflict  is armed combat. But war does not resolve problems.

Today, we are horrified by the escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by Hamas’ deadly attack on Israel.  Israel’s fierce reaction has deepened the strife. The killing and kidnapping of civilians young and old, death and destruction in Gaza, and the upheaval, displacement and suffering of civilians have brought grief and despair to people around the world. Too many people, in the thousands, have been killed as many others have been wounded or had their lives seriously disrupted. The community of peace-loving people cannot be silent.  We raise our voices to call for a ceasefire in Israel and Gaza accompanied by the release of all hostages and the distribution of humanitarian aid to all who are struggling from deprivation of life’s necessities.

Human rights and international law must be honored now and in the future.  Love, not hate, will prevail when individuals and families seek to live with others as neighbors.

Janet Ney, Monica McAghon, Mimi Lang, Pam Brubaker, Susie Ravitz, and Nancy Tate 

The writers are members of the Stop the Wars Committee, LEPOCO.

Clyde Bosket was an inspiration to all

With the passing of Clyde E. Bosket Sr., the world lost one of its best. My family and I met Mr. Clyde years ago at the Allentown Farmers Market and are so happy we did. We got to know him personally over the years and we were blessed for that.

His life is such an example of someone who achieved so much in spite of the most difficult circumstances. Mr. Clyde was born into a world in which he did not have the same opportunities as others because of racial inequality. He lived through the roughest of times and although he acknowledged difficulties, they didn’t deter him from great achievements and more importantly, he held no ill will toward anyone. He became a husband, father and leader in his church and owned his own businesses in spite of the roadblocks he faced.

Mr. Clyde was determined, caring, kind, dignified, and had the most positive attitude, always seeing the glass as half full.

He certainly lived a wonderful life and added a lot of wonderful to the lives of those who were fortunate enough to have crossed paths with this inspirational man. We’ll never forget you.

Rest in peace, Mr. Clyde.

Edie Stahlnecker


The real responsibility for mass shootings

Guns don’t kill people. People who ignore mass shootings, fight sensible gun legislation, vote against mental health care, and are beholden to the NRA, kill people, and are responsible for the recent mass shooting in Maine.

And a stark reminder: Trump signed a bill revoking Obama-era gun checks for people with mental illnesses. So sadly people who receive benefits due to mental illness are not added to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System database.

Tom Sedor 


Mike Johnson must answer questions about 2020 election

First dispatches regarding newly, finally elected Speaker of the House Mike Johnson seemed to characterize him as a much-needed Mr. Rogers: Christian, affable, likable, friendly, civil, even a potential aisle-chasm healer. But Johnson also had a role as “the most important architect of the Electoral College objections” surrounding the 2020 presidential election, perhaps the most divisive issue in the country. Frankly, my introduction to Johnson in the video of the giddy Republican leaders on the Capitol steps celebrating his election reminded me of the cast of a blockbuster Hollywood movie accepting an Academy Award, and his cavalier, saintly faced dismissal of the question about his position most on the general public’s mind about him now was disgraceful, far from civil. Johnson is second in line to the presidency. We need to ask again and again: Speaker Johnson, do you believe Joe Biden is our legitimately elected president, yes or no? According to an article in the current Atlantic, Johnson’s great-great-great-grandfather, a Confederate soldier, took an oath pledging not to engage in rebellion again. The current Johnson did try to overturn an election. We deserve a gesture of reconciliation. Until then, Mr. Rogers he ain’t.

Edward J. Gallagher


How to reconcile Trump with Christian beliefs?

Roughly, 63% of America is Christian. Our moral lives are driven by the 10 Commandments given to us by God as a code of behavior to live by. Regardless of denomination, Christian behavior boils down to this: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” So, as a predominantly Christian nation, why have so many been easily led astray by Donald Trump — the epitome of anti-Christian behavior? This twice-impeached, four-time indicted person has choked out the conscience of so many who call themselves Christians. This defies my Christian upbringing as well as human logic. Let’s recap: He allegedly tried to overthrow our democracy; he assaulted a woman (and allegedly more) as though it were his right; he tried strong-arming Ukraine into helping him destroy a presidential opponent. His anti-Christian behaviors are too numerous to mention here, so I will end with one final question: How does any Christian reconcile 45’s behavior with their morals and beliefs?

Lois Weber

Upper Milford Township

Only one political party seems to be organized

A political party is defined as a group of persons organized to acquire and exercise political power. Based on this definition and current activity in Congress, do both parties qualify? Seems to me only one party is acting organized right now.

Jack Siplak


Storm warnings for those in Hurricane Don’s path

The Trump hurricane is always exciting at first, but always ends in disaster for those in the eye or close to him. This is a fact that repeats over and over.

Anthony Costantino

Whitehall Township

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