Real11 or GetMega? Whose Gameplay Guarantees You More Rewards

Fantasy gaming is gaining popularity amongst individuals who have a keen interest and knowledge in certain sports. However, with the growing number of games available on the platforms, individuals of different preferences are also given an opportunity to play social games online and earn real cash rewards.

There is a strong element of financial risk while playing such games as they can be addicting to a certain extent. Be mindful of your choices and transactions.

There are quite a few options available to choose from. One could consider a few points like safety, the variety of games available on the platforms, rewards, and other such important aspects before making a choice. Real11 and GetMega are two such prominent gaming platforms where players can earn real cash rewards. The more you play the more you can win such rewards.

Real11 and GetMega: A Brief Insight into These Online Gaming Platforms

Real 11 is amongst the world’s best online fantasy sports gaming platforms and GetMega is gaining new and loyal users with every passing day. Here is a brief insight as to why they are gaining such popularity amongst the masses.

Variety of Games

Real11 initially started as an online gaming platform solely for cricket. But now it also features fantasy games in football. Real11 acknowledges the demands of the people and will soon expand their options that will include several more sports.

GetMega offers real money games in three different categories like Cards, Casual, and Trivia. Hold’em Poker and Rummy fall under games available in the Cards section. Carrom, Warship, Dots and Dash are a few of the gaming options available in the Casual games category. Lastly, it has 123, GK, and PicMe as the gaming options available in the Trivia category.

Referral Rewards and Bonus

Real11 offers a very exciting referral rewards program. An existing real11 player can invite a new prospect player by inviting their friends and family. The referral is done by using the assigned unique invitation code. Players can earn up to Rupees 100 on every referral. Rupees 50 as cash bonus plus a reward ranging from Rupees 25 to Rupees 50 as ‘Xtra Cash’. The more you refer, the more you earn such rewards.

GetMega offers a reward of Rupees on every successful referral. The player can earn this reward by inviting a prospective player and playing at least one game with them. The app has certain criteria regarding the referral process. The person being referred must be on the player’s contact list and they must play a game using the exclusive video-chat mode.

Safe and Legal

Players on Real11 can rest assured that their personal data and other information are safe and secured. Such data is strictly confidential and will not be used maliciously, or sold, or otherwise revealed to random parties.

Real11 has been in the market for over more than a year and their company is registered. The platform offers fantasy games that require a skill-set to play and win which implies that it has no involvement of gambling in it. This makes it legal as well as safe.

GetMega is completely safe and verified. Only verified players can play and no bots can participate. It is a member of the All India Gaming Federation and has RNG certification which assures that all players have a level field to play and there is no foul play involved. The platform features only skill-based games that have nothing to do with gambling, luck, or chance.

Gameplay and User Interface

Right from the account registration to the instant withdrawal process, Real11 offers a smooth and hassle-free experience to its users. Their UI is so smooth and simple that even players who are not very familiar with the whole fantasy gaming scene will be able to download, play and win real rewards on the platform.

The gameplay and rewards system is very intricate, it provides a detailed point system and a simple guide to help users with everything they wish to know. Its weekly leaderboard allows players to win exciting rewards by playing and winning every week. Even ranks after 100th position can win prizes like a mega ticket reward. The more a player plays, the more they have the chance to win.

GetMega has a seamless UI experience. It is very user-friendly and responsive so that the users can interact with the game and win more rewards. GetMega has both vertical as well as horizontal gameplay. It depends on the type of game being chosen to play.

Be very careful in choosing the kind of online playing platform you are participating in and involving yourself with. There are many apps and other online platforms that make false claims and are not legal or verified. Beware of such fraudulent claims and do thorough research, check their reviews and ratings before participating.


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