Questions still unanswered at the latest Dubois City Council meeting

DUBOIS, Pennsylvania (WTAJ) – Citizens filled the city council floor at a meeting of the DuBois City Council on Monday night, voicing concerns about how their tax dollars are being spent.

Most of the concerns stem from the circumstances surrounding the allegedly stolen money. Former city manager Jon Harm Spritzio faces multiple charges for allegedly taking more than $600,000 from the city.

“We have a very high level of corruption in our city right now, and it’s from top to bottom,” said Dubois resident Jennifer Jackson. “I think this needs to be wiped out. We need the truth, and I think DuBois taxpayers want the truth sometimes.”

During the public comment portion of the meeting, Jackson asked if there was more information about where the $93,000 brought to the city council last time came from. DuBois Area United Way said in a statement last week that the gold was in their building but not theirs.

“Their defense against Mr. Splitzio is that the funds were held with the Community Fund and Community Day funds,” said city attorney Toni Cherry.

Mr. Jackson also addressed an executive meeting convened by the council last Saturday morning.

“However, that executive was also represented by Harm Splitzio’s counsel,” Jackson added. “I wonder why he’s there and I’m now wondering if his attorney fees will be charged as well.”

“Attorneys want to control the statements that are being made and will use that as their defense in court,” Cherry said. “That’s why he’s here.”

Dubois resident Ronald Tragina did some research before the conference and questioned the land deal in 2018. He said the city of Splitzio and the city council agreed to purchase 26 acres of land to protect the city’s watershed.

Trajina alleges that the city purchased only 7.7 acres of land, divided it into three parcels and sold it, and that the owners never agreed to divide the land into separate parcels. there is

“Another interesting fact is that GPA Group LLC turned around and sold parcel 3. Ten acres to John Suprio for $1 on July 2, 2019,” said Trajina. added.

Cherry claims the property was put up for sale by a real estate agent and that the sale was made by the farm’s former owner’s attorney.

“Our concern was to ensure that the watershed was protected from vehicles that might drive into the watershed on that road,” Cherry said.

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City council members say a forensic financial analysis of all city accounts will begin on June 5. This process could take up to a year to complete. Questions still unanswered at the latest Dubois City Council meeting

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