PSP warns against robbery targeting Asian Americans

(WKBN) – Pennsylvania police are investigating after a series of robberies targeted an Asian-American restaurateur.

About $1 million in cash and personal items were stolen from the home of an Asian-American who owns the restaurant, police said.

“Many of these crimes occurred in the northeastern part of the state, but similar robberies have been reported across the Commonwealth,” said PSP Commissioner Col. Robert Evanczyk. “We urge business owners to be aware of this trend and take precautionary measures.”

Police said the suspects acted as a team, with one person acting as a lookout, others entering the house to retrieve cash and jewelry, and another waiting in the getaway car.

Police believe the home was monitored and targeted, and suspects may be learning patterns of residents’ activity to figure out when the home is vacant. They usually disguise themselves by wearing yellow safety vests or pretending to be landscapers. Robbery he will be executed within 30 minutes.

Eight people were indicted for similar crimes last year. They are said to have run a house robbery gang targeting mostly Asian family restaurant owners.

In many cases, they know where the restaurant owner lives by getting in their car to get a registration card, attaching a makeshift tracking device to their car, or following them from work to home. I found out.

The Pennsylvania State Police suggests taking the following precautions:

  • Keep your cash and valuables safe at home.
  • Be aware of neighbors and cars that aren’t usually there.
  • Install motion sensor lights around your home.
  • Consider installing surveillance cameras and alarm systems.
  • Lock your vehicle while on duty to protect your registration information.
  • Beware of anyone who may be chasing your home.
  • Report any suspicious activity to your local police station.

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