Port Matilda EMS hopes to increase membership as staff grows

Port Matilda, Pennsylvania (WTAJ) – After several government meetings and sending out membership letters to the community, Jack Bonsel, president of Port Matilda EMS, says he has mixed feelings about the numbers.

“We received about $78,000 for our membership, which is on the positive side,” says Bonsell.

However, the number of households purchasing members is declining.

Membership covers the cost of medically necessary transportation to the hospital, advanced life support or ALS units, and emergency medical services provided in an emergency. Port Matilda EMS caters to non-membership households, but helps prevent unnecessary costs.

Port Matilda EMS membership is $65, $75 for families and $85 for businesses.

Jack believes that uncertainties in the department’s status have led to fewer households buying memberships. However, other residents have shown their support for the service by donating more money in member checks.

“We have had so many donations from the community that we couldn’t have asked for more,” Bonsel said. You can expect batches of

They currently pay their employees $14 an hour. This was promoted by the local government to support the increase in personnel. So far, Bonsell said he hopes the staffing issue will be resolved.

“It really got a great response. We’re thrilled with the number of participants,” says Bonsell. “We have three new hires. We have two in the wings waiting for interviews.”

Over the past few weeks, he says they’re more open than closed, which is an improvement. Bonsell still hopes to be able to contribute to the community full-time. .

“I feel comfortable. I don’t feel we are out of the woods in any way imaginable,” Bonsel said. “I think there will be a lot of discussion from all parties, both from community members and from the municipality. Port Matilda EMS hopes to increase membership as staff grows

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