Plans To Open 5 More Weed Stores In Canada

The Dank Cannabis stores are based out of Canada. They offer various products ranging from cannabis products such as flowers and edibles to smoke accessories. They currently have two locations. Both are in the city of Calgary in the Alberta province. One is in Dover township and the other in Ogden & Lynwood township. With the recent boom and steady increase in cannabis consumers, they are set to open five more locations! They are currently in the final stage of figuring out just exactly where these locations will go. Check out some of their five-star consumer reviews on their Google business page. Although the exact locations haven’t been announced yet, this is exciting news for Canadian cannabis lovers. Check out below to find out more about Dank before it comes to your area.

Dank Dispensary In Canada

The Dank dispensaries bring a similar vibe like the cannabis stores in the United States. Staff are highly trained and educated. Known as “danktenders”, they follow a dispensary design similar to California dispensaries. The world’s smoke spot. Dank’s cannabis team are extremely helpful because they understand cannabis as medicine. Having trained people to understand terpenes, concentrates and differences in kinds of consumption methods is extremely important. Dank delivers to consumers looking for a helpful and holistic experience. Dank offers two types of shopping methods. For those who would like to skip the line and don’t care to browse can order online for a quick, effortless pickup. In-person shopping is also available for one on one support from a member of their Bud team and easy browsing.

Dank meets the needs of all consumers. From the concentrate connoisseurs to the traditional bud smoker, they have hundreds of products. For consumers looking to avoid smoking all together they offer a ton of gummies and other edibles. Their infused beverages such as CBD lemonade and THC iced tea are also crowd favorites.

Cannabis Coupons in Canada

Plans To Open 5 More Weed Stores In Canada

Loyalty is important in the dank community. They value their customer base and the growers they work with. For this, the Dank marijuana stores in Canada has a very generous loyalty program. It is easy to become part of the Dank Club simply just by becoming a customer and making the first purchase. This allows for 5% off all accessories, special weekly deals on flowers and concentrates, and even 20% off every tenth visit. They also offer 20% off first and second visits, as well as 20% off every 100 points earned. Talk about some crazy deals, consumers can also use these points to buy Dank merch.

How recent Canadian laws are shaping the cannabis dispensary industry

Canada has become the world’s first major industrial country and the second country after South America’s, Uruguay, to legalize recreational marijuana for adults. The passing of the Cannabis Act in October of 2018 has been a game-changer for Canadian dispensaries and smokers alike. This allows more partnerships and a global community of smokers to come together and create the safest and dankest products on the market. These recent laws have created an expansion in the cannabis market over the next five years. And rapidly. Dank Stores have already shown their ability to meet the needs of medical and recreational customers in the Alberta area. They are excited to expand and see where further advocacy and retail in the cannabis market will go for them.


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