Pirates’ Closer David Bednar Receives Boos from Fans at PNC Park

David Bednar, a Pittsburgh native, has been a beloved figure in his hometown since joining the Pirates three seasons ago. However, his recent struggles on the mound have led to a surprising turn of events: being booed by the home crowd at PNC Park.

The Pirates’ closer, a two-time All-Star, faced disappointment on Tuesday as he blew his third save in four chances, contributing to the team’s 5-3 loss against the Detroit Tigers. While Bednar took responsibility for his performance, it was the sound of boos from the usually supportive crowd that caught everyone’s attention.

Teammates like first baseman Rowdy Tellez expressed dismay at the treatment Bednar received, emphasizing the pride of Pittsburgh and the need for better support from fans. Tellez’s defense of Bednar highlighted the pitcher’s status as an All-Star and the importance of unity within the Pittsburgh community.

Despite Tellez’s support, Bednar acknowledged the challenge he currently faces. As a hometown hero, Bednar has been a key part of the Pirates’ bullpen, known for his fiery demeanor and impressive fastball. However, the 29-year-old has struggled to find his form this season, leading to concerns about his performance.

While the Pirates have enjoyed a strong start to the season with a 9-3 record, Bednar’s recent struggles have been a cause for concern. His inability to secure saves in previous games against Miami and Baltimore raised eyebrows, but it was Tuesday’s game that highlighted his command issues.

Walking onto the mound with a 3-1 lead, Bednar faltered, allowing the Tigers to tie the game and ultimately take the lead. His lack of control, evident in walks and hit batters, was uncharacteristic for a pitcher known for his precision.

Manager Derek Shelton attributed Bednar’s struggles to rust accumulated during his recovery from a lat injury. While acknowledging the challenges, Shelton expressed confidence in Bednar’s ability to bounce back. The Pirates have options to explore, including temporarily reshuffling their bullpen roles to support Bednar.

Despite the setbacks, Bednar remains optimistic about the season ahead. With a belief in his ability to overcome challenges, Bednar sees this period of struggle as a learning experience. As the Pirates look to contend in the competitive NL Central, Bednar hopes to turn his early-season struggles into a source of motivation for success later in the year.

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