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Philadelphia museum faces backlash from organizers over ‘oppressive views’ | Philadelphia

Historians, civil rights groups and lawmakers say the American Revolution Museum is hosting an upcoming event with “Moms for Liberty,” a controversial movement group that critics called an extremist group. are accusing

Moms for Liberty (M4L), run by the Southern Poverty Law Center, an anti-hate watchdog labeled Radical rebel group to hold summit in Philadelphia this weekend special feature Several Republican presidential candidates, including Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, and Nikki Haley. In response to the decision, which sparked widespread backlash, the American Revolutionary War Museum agreed to host an event to welcome the group on Thursday.

Despite M4L’s claim to defend parental rights in education, many civil rights groups have condemned the group. “oppressive view”and the attempt banned book It also limits classroom conversations about race, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

Earlier this week, the American Historical Association (AHA) sent a letter to R. Scott Stevenson, director of the American Revolutionary War Museum, expressing opposition to the museum’s decision to host groups and urging him to reconsider.

“Moms for Liberty censors and harasses history teachers, bans history books from libraries and classrooms, and makes it impossible for historians to teach professionally and honestly without risking job loss or other penalties. It is a group that has vigorously advocated for legislation to do so,” the letter said. Said.

“For the AHA, this is not about politics or a different understanding of our country’s past. It is about an organization whose mission is to interfere with the professional responsibilities of historians,” the AHA added.

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Historical Commission expressed similar views in a statement. saying: “The LGBT Historical Commission condemns the Museum of the American Revolution’s decision to lease its event space to Moms for Liberty … The organization criticizes the LGBTQIA+ community, including by promoting the use of the term ‘groomers’.” It consistently spreads harmful and hateful rhetoric. It refers to queer people and attacks the mere existence of transgender youth. It is irresponsible and dangerous to give Moms for Liberty a platform to share radical anti-LGBTQIA rhetoric. “

It added, “It is shocking that an organization dedicated to recording and preserving American history would have any association with an organization intent on distorting the American experience.”

in the editorial published In Philadelphia Gay News, Naima Sanchez, senior organizer of the Pennsylvania chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, wrote, “My suggestion for this group is, don’t come to Philadelphia.”

“Banning books and outlawing transgender people will not make schools safer or improve society. ” added Sanchez.

Several lawmakers denounced the museum, and six Democratic senators wrote to Stevenson asking him to cancel the upcoming event.

“Moms for Liberty is, frankly, a hate group … It is imperative that cultural institutions like the American Revolutionary War Museum carefully consider the impact and implications of the organizations they choose to host,” they said. Stated. I have written.

Several museum officials have also spoken out against the museum’s decision.

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and statement Despite telling the Philadelphia Inquirer that Stevenson didn’t have to work that night if he didn’t feel safe, assistant curator Trish Norman said, “Thanks again.” I’m not, and I don’t feel safe,” he said.

“I don’t think museums will necessarily push me,” added Norman, who is non-binary.

Another self-professed member of the LGBTQ+ community, Bee Reed, a museum employee, said: Said Philadelphia Gay News: “I have mixed feelings. I’ve been working at this museum for four or five years, and I’ve always been grateful to work in a place that has supported me so much as a queer person.” But in this regard, I feel a great betrayal.”

comment Opinions criticizing the museum’s decision also flooded the museum’s Instagram page.

The museum defended its decision by saying: statement“The American Revolution Museum strives to create an inclusive and accessible museum experience for visitors with a wide range of perspectives and beliefs … because advancing understanding in a democratic society is central to our mission. , is rejecting visitors for the following reasons.” In fact, the ideology would be diametrically opposed to our purpose. “

This isn’t the first time “Mommies for Liberty” has sparked controversy. Last week, the Indiana chapter of the group sparked a backlash soon afterward. published Adolf Hitler’s words in the inaugural newsletter.

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