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Philadelphia man pleads guilty to election fraud | WTAJ

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (WTAJ) — A Philadelphia man who was indicted by the Pennsylvania Attorney General (AG) for being involved in election fraud schemes in 2019 has pleaded guilty.

AG Michelle Henry accused Philadelphia political consultant Rasheen Crews, 46, of forging signatures on a petition to win his client in the 2019 Democratic primary in Philadelphia. announced that he had pleaded guilty to related charges.

According to a release from AG, Crews was said to have been hired by multiple candidates to help obtain the necessary signatures to put their names on the first ballot. Investigators found that the crew orchestrated a forgery scheme to attempt to submit thousands of signatures.

The crew recruited individuals to help work on the petitions, asking them to write their names, addresses and forged signatures on multiple petitions. He then notarized the petition and submitted it to the Pennsylvania State Department on behalf of his client.

Of the petitions investigated, more than 1,000 signatures were determined to be duplicates, Henry said. Names and addresses were found repeated on various petition pages, some pages appeared to be completely copied, and several of the individuals listed signed the petition in question. I argued that there is no

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The crew pleaded guilty Thursday to criminal solicitation to commit counterfeiting and theft for failing to take the required action. Judgment will be delivered on June 29, 2023.

“This guilty plea is a reminder that my office will protect the right of all citizens to a free and fair electoral process,” AG Henry said. “This defendant believed that by soliciting and organizing large-scale signature forgery, he could undermine that process by getting his clients to participate in the voting.”

The controversy has caused some candidates to withdraw from the 2019 election altogether.

https://www.wtaj.com/news/regional-news/philadelphia-man-pleads-guilty-to-election-fraud-scheme/ Philadelphia man pleads guilty to election fraud | WTAJ

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