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Philadelphia high school student refuses diploma by dancing on stage, video goes viral

(NEXSTAR) – A Philadelphia high school graduate is speaking out after her diploma was rejected after she briefly danced on stage during her graduation ceremony, causing laughter from the crowd.

Hafsa Abdulrahman, a member of Philadelphia Girls’ High School’s 2023 senior class, said: trending video I’m preparing to have my name called at last Friday’s graduation ceremony. Then she ran across the stage to the principal, and began to dance briefly on the way.

Arriving on the other side of the stage, the principal, who identified herself as Lisa Meshi, withheld her diploma and told Abdurrahman to sit down.

‘I felt humiliated,’ Abdurrahman said Philadelphia Inquirer.

The Inquirer reported that school authorities had previously told students to let their families know that they would not be cheering or clapping for individual students when their names were called. But Abdurrahman said just before the ceremony, the vice-principal told the girls they could walk in style if they wanted.

But after briefly dancing to the principal when his name was called, Abdurrahman said Mesi told him he would not hand over his diploma because he “made the crowd laugh”.

Abdurrahman’s grandmother, who first shared a video of the incident on Instagram, admitted that graduates and attendees had been told to keep quiet.

“Everybody respected that” she wrote “But if [they] How can these young girls be punished for doing something in the audience??”

and The video of the ceremony was retweeted and spread on Twitter, Many viewers were outraged by the principal’s attitude.

“It’s horrible that she wasn’t given a diploma.” 1 WRahhand. ‘Outrageous behavior on the part of the school’

“I don’t understand this. She is and should be excited.” another commented. “She’s done nothing wrong. The world just doesn’t make sense to me.”

Others, on the other hand, fully supported the school, with students arguing that “I knew the rules” I showed them off anyway.

“Many schools are doing this and have been for years!” One viewer wrote: “It takes less time to perform the ceremony, and if there is a celebration every time the children are finished, they will be there all day. I can’t read if there is a name for [noise]. We have to stop making excuses for our children. ”

Abdurrahman was not the only student whose diploma was withheld during the June 9 ceremony. Videos shared on social media allegedly show at least two teenagers who were denied diplomas after one. Lightly point your index finger and and another waved to the participants.

The Philadelphia School District, where the girls’ high school belongs, has since voiced its disapproval of the school’s actions.

“The school district does not tolerate withholding a diploma because a family member supports the graduate,” the spokesperson said in a statement. McClatchy news. “We apologize to all affected families and alumni and are investigating this matter further to ensure this does not happen again.”

A representative for Philadelphia Girls’ High School could not be reached for additional comment at this time.

Abdurrahman and the other girls eventually received their diplomas after the ceremony, a school district spokeswoman said. But for her it was not the same.

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“There is only one such moment,” she told investigators, “and it was taken from me.”

https://www.wtaj.com/news/regional-news/philadelphia-high-school-student-denied-diploma-after-dancing-across-stage-viral-video-shows/ Philadelphia high school student refuses diploma by dancing on stage, video goes viral

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