Philadelphia Eagles Defeat Giants to Earn No. 1 Seed in NFC – NBC10 Philadelphia

Jalen Hurts returns from a right shoulder sprain and throws for 229 yards under a conservative game plan as the Philadelphia Eagles clinch the NFC’s No. 1 seed in Sunday night’s 22-16 win over the New York Giants Did.

The Hearts are back after a three-week hiatus, and the Eagles (14-3) are also a Super Bowl threat.

Philadelphia rebounded from a two-game losing streak behind backup QB Gardner Minshew to clinch top spot in the conference and home field throughout the playoffs, the NFC East. The team also gets a bye. This is his week off which is important for Hearts.

Hurts stepped onto the rink wearing Michael Jordan’s former Chicago Bulls star’s first non-retirement “I’m Back” t-shirt. . A chant when you run out of tunnels during pre-match introductions. The Eagles clearly missed his QB, who has grown into a frontrunner for MVP, until he was injured in a hard tackle against Chicago.

The Hearts passed 20-of-35 in a preseason-feeling game, while the Eagles only made 1-of-5 in the red zone. The Eagles also earned the No. 1 seed and won the Super Bowl in the 2017 season.

Hearts completed a 35-yard pass to AJ Brown on the Eagles’ first play, showing no ill effects from the sprained right shoulder he sustained three weeks earlier. The Eagles played at half speed against the Giants’ backup, refusing to jeopardize Hearts’ health. The dynamic QB, who ran for 747 yards and 13 touchdowns going into the game, mostly stayed in the pocket.

Hearts had only four carries for 11 yards in the first half.

The Eagles weren’t as aggressive, but they didn’t have to face the Giants (9-7-1) team, which had already secured the 6th seed in the NFC and rested most of the starters. Saquon Barkley and his 1,312 yards rushing have taken their seats. So was the start of QB Daniel Jones.

The Giants instead passed No. 2 QB Tyrod Taylor to start practice team regular Davis Webb.

In his first career start, Webb rushed for a 14-yard touchdown in the fourth to go 19–9. He threw a 25-yard TD pass to Kenny Goladay in the second half of the fourth to make it 22–16.he threw for 168 yards on 23 of 40 passes

Hearts, who tied the franchise record set by Randall Cunningham in 1990 with 35 total touchdowns this season, lost a TD pass in the third quarter due to a penalty and had his sixth interception of the season on the next play. threw

For the Eagles, this game was all about stabilizing themselves and regaining the dignity and confidence they had when they completed a 13-1 record behind Hearts earlier this season. If the Eagles had beaten either Dallas or New Orleans in each previous game to earn the No. 1 seed, the Hearts probably wouldn’t have played. Instead, it was the Eagles all they had to lose while the nine-win Giants were secured on the spot.

Jake Elliott kicked field goals of 32, 52 and 39 yards in the first half. Boston Scott scored his 8-yard touchdown, and his 10 of his 17 career TDs were against the Giants. The Eagles were 16-0 going into halftime.

Elliott added field goals of 54 and 22 yards in the second half. Graham Gano kicked a 24-yarder in the Giants’ third.

record day

Brown had four catches for 95 yards and finished with a team-season record of 1,496. Mike Quick held his mark in his 16 games in 1983 when he received 1,409 yards.

Quick is a radio analyst for the Eagles. “Like he told me before the game, he said the first pass would come to me and I would break your record.

Devonta Smith set a season record for the Eagles with 95. He had his 7 receptions against the Giants. Irving Fryer recorded his 88th catch in 1996.

14 wins is the most for the Eagles in a season.


The Eagles are enjoying their off-week booty.

Giants to Minnesota.


AP NFL: and Philadelphia Eagles Defeat Giants to Earn No. 1 Seed in NFC – NBC10 Philadelphia

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