Philadelphia DA Krasner Insulted by PA House Committee

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania (WHTM) – The Pennsylvania House Select Committee on Restoring Law and Order today charged Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner with contempt for refusing to comply with a subpoena issued by the committee last month. It was unanimously recommended that he be punished.

Republicans in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives The process of impeaching Krasner earlier this year because what they say is a “surge in violence” in Philadelphia that Krasner has not addressed. State Senator Pro Tempoa Jake Coman sent a letter ask the Capitol to begin impeachment proceedings

The selection committee says the vote took place after Krasner twice refused to accept a handwritten subpoena issued by the selection committee. was eventually accepted, but Krasner and his office said they would not comply.”

Krasner has Earlier, he called the impeachment process against him a “stunt.” “The requirement for impeachment is to actually be convicted of a crime,” he said.

Rep. Toren Ecker (R-Adams/Cumberland), one of five representatives appointed to the bipartisan task force, said: “This commission is determined to uncover the truth about the current Philadelphia unrest, and its denial of access to important documents hinders its progress in achieving that goal. increase.”

“No one is above the law or held accountable, including Philadelphia’s chief law enforcement officer,” Ecker said. “It is extremely rare for the House to take such action, which shows the gravity of the situation we find ourselves in.”

House Resolution 216 established the Task Force on Restoring Law and Order to investigate, consider and prepare legislative findings and recommendations to the House regarding the rising crime rate in the City of Philadelphia. Use of city public funds for law enforcement and prosecution of crimes. Exercising Rights of Crime Victims in Philadelphia. Using public funds to benefit city crime victims. The resolution authorizes the chairman to summon information relevant to the work of the committee.

Once the committee approves the articles of impeachment, they are considered by the House plenary session.

Krasner won the 2021 election in Philadelphia with over 69% of the vote. Democratic former Philadelphia mayors Ed Rendell and Michael Nutter have also criticized Krasner’s approach.

“They are entitled to a legacy that includes mass incarceration, defunding public schools, prevention, and incredibly harmful illegal police tactics. I was. Philadelphia DA Krasner Insulted by PA House Committee

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