Pennsylvania Speaker’s Bipartisan Group Begins Work on House Rule

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — The new speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives said Tuesday that the first meeting of the bipartisan working group he assembled is off to a good start and will help bridge partisan divisions in Congress. He said he expects

House Speaker Mark Rozzi, Democrat Burks, held his first meeting with a group of three Democrats and three Republicans just before the election. a new governor took office at noon.

Rozzi said that he Surprise Choice January 3rd act as a speaker. On his way to the Capitol from Democratic Gov. Josh Shapiro’s inauguration, he said that a working group was drafting congressional rules and that Lotzi had long been among the victims of child sexual abuse. If not, file an outdated lawsuit.

The House has not adopted a rule, announced committee members or voted since Rozzi took office two weeks ago.

“I just want Democrats and Republicans to work together to not only find a path towards the statute of limitations, but to show what else we can do together. Do you?” said Lotzi.

He said the working group “will see where it goes. I think they are willing to sit down and discuss how we move forward now.”

Rozzi, who has vowed to serve as an independent speaker, announced Thursday that he has chosen six lawmakers to serve as what he calls a “workgroup of speakers moving Pennsylvania forward.” . The rules they created must get a majority vote in the House of Representatives to become effective.

Republican leaders and a handful of other Republicans joined forces with all Democrats to elect Rozzi as Speaker after November’s closely contested elections, temporarily closing three Democratic vacancies by 101 to 99 Republicans. brought a margin of Democrats have been in the minority for 12 years.

Lotzi, who has spoken out about his own abuse at the hands of Catholic priests, has long advocated a two-year “window” in which survivors of child sexual abuse could sue. Constitutional amendments must pass both Legislative Yuans at any time in the next two years to go before voters for final approval in a referendum format.

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Democrats will be 102 if there are three special elections in the House of Representatives on Feb. 7 for Democrat-leaning seats in the Pittsburgh area, and a Senate special on Jan. 31 with incumbent Republican representatives running. We hope to reach a 100-to-100 majority. Pennsylvania Speaker’s Bipartisan Group Begins Work on House Rule

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