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Pennsylvania Sen. Casey previews priorities with Fetterman

(WHTM) – Pennsylvania will have two Democratic senators for the third time since the 1940s as John Fetterman prepares to join Bob Casey in Washington, DC.

Fetterman defeated Republican Mehmet Oz received more than 200,000 votes for November 8th PrimaryCasey says what he believed will happen.

“I always believed that John Fetterman could race, but I never thought it would be three or four points.”

Casey, who now has two Democrats representing Keystone, said he will prioritize communities, workers, seniors and children in Pennsylvania.

“There would have been tens of thousands of job cuts in Pennsylvania if we hadn’t passed the American Relief Plan. We didn’t have it.”

Casey attributes Pennsylvania’s surplus to the bailout bill. But we have a huge deficit in this country that Republicans are applying to Joe Biden and Democrats. Casey has another theory.

“There are tax laws that politicians and lobbyists have been rigging for 40 years to reward the top and reward big corporations.”

Casey and Fetterman want to make more of what they call “investments” in people, childcare, and schools. But how will they pay for it?

“We should tax the big oil companies and send their excess profits to families in Pennsylvania to lower gas prices. Republicans don’t support that,” says Casey.

Resigning Republican Senator Pat Toomey certainly doesn’t support that plan, but Casey said he and Toomey worked together when they could, especially on the court.

“We have confirmed, vetted, nominated and confirmed more federal judges together in split delegates for Democrats and Republicans than we have senators across the country.”

“We respect each other and are grateful to have worked with Pat on so many things.”

Pennsylvania last elected two Democrats to the Senate in 1945.

Fetterman will take office on January 3, 2023.

https://www.wkbn.com/news/pennsylvania/pennsylvania-u-s-sen-casey-previews-priorities-with-fetterman/ Pennsylvania Sen. Casey previews priorities with Fetterman

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