Pennsylvania School Board, Proposed Changes to Members

(WHTM) – Pennsylvania legislators want school board members to be paid while requiring more training.

Rep. Joe Webster (D-Montgomery) issued three memos to lawmakers on Monday, saying he plans to introduce legislation that could affect how school boards operate. rice field.

Webster is abolish the ban on compensation For school board members. The bill would allow communities to determine whether they can pay their members salaries equal to the compensation limits of locally elected individuals to serve in local government.

“This is inconsistent with other locally elected officials in Pennsylvania being able to receive compensation for their services,” says Webster. “Public service is the same whether you are elected to the school board or the local government. Now is the time for this he to establish equality between the two.”

In a second memo, Webster suggests that school board members obtain. Tuition free Take specific courses relevant to your role as a board member at any institution within the Pennsylvania System of Higher Education (PASSHE).

Webster argued that it is important to ensure that board members have the resources to develop and improve the skills they need for their jobs.

A third memo from Webster says he plans to introduce legislation to increase training time for school board members.

Webster said the legislation would increase the number of hours for new board members from five to 14 hours, and would increase training for re-elected members from three hours per term to four hours per year.

Training should include topics such as teaching, financial management, and operations. The Pennsylvania Department of Education would be permitted under the proposed law to adjust training as needed.

“Becoming a certified teacher in Pennsylvania requires hundreds of hours of teaching and a few hands-on teaching experiences. It’s the minimum requirement for students, those who manage millions of dollars of public funds for the district,” said Webster.

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The same changes in training requirements will be made for charter school trustees.

Copies of the law were not readily available. Pennsylvania School Board, Proposed Changes to Members

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