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Pennsylvania murder suspect escaped prison and may be staying in the woods, police say | Pennsylvania

Murder suspect using bed sheets escape Police, who found a possible campground in the woods nearby, said a man from a northwestern Pennsylvania prison is probably still in the area and may be helping someone escape arrest. announced that there is

Authorities said Michael Barham, 34, escaped from the Warren County Jail late last Thursday by climbing exercise equipment, climbing over windows and descending ropes made from prison bedding. Barham was held on $1 million bail and charged with kidnapping, robbery and other crimes.

“We have found small stockpile bases and campsites in wooded areas near Warren and believe that at least some of them may be associated with Barham,” Army Lt. Col. George Vivens said. Pennsylvania state police told reporters.

Mr Vivens said on Monday that the stockpile consisted of “materials to support long stays in the woodlands”. He declined to be more specific, but said investigators suspected someone was helping Barham.

“We believe he is receiving some assistance, but we are not prepared to comment on where or what that type of assistance is,” Bivens said.

Chautauqua County District Attorney Jason Schmidt said last month that Barham was the prime suspect in the May 11 murder of Kara Hodgkin and related arson in Jamestown, New York. said to be a suspect. Authorities have also accused him of kidnapping an elderly couple in Pennsylvania to escape arrest before being arrested in South Carolina. Warren City Police said Barham was “considered to be extremely dangerous.”

Local, multiple state and federal authorities used dog troops, drones and aircraft to search numerous homes, abandoned buildings and wooded areas, officials said.

Vivens told local WGRZ-TV that Barham was self-taught in survival techniques and underwent reservist training.

https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2023/jul/11/pennsylvania-homicide-suspect-bed-sheets-escape-jail-woods Pennsylvania murder suspect escaped prison and may be staying in the woods, police say | Pennsylvania

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