Pennsylvania launches new website for state jobs

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (WHTM) — While announcing and signing an executive order removing the requirement for a four-year college degree for thousands of Pennsylvania state jobs, Governor Josh Shapiro Announced the launch of a new Pennsylvania employment website.

“My administration will focus on creating opportunities every day,” said Gov. Shapiro. “Today our government new website This allows Pennsylvanians to see about 550 positions currently open. “

Shapiro administrators say the website will focus on applicants’ backgrounds based on their skills.

According to the governor, 92% of federal jobs (about 65,000 jobs) are open to Pennsylvanians regardless of whether they have a college degree.

Gov. Shapiro said, “I encourage all Pennsylvanians who want to stay off the sidelines to come in and check out the game. Lt. Gov. should be,” he said. Pennsylvania launches new website for state jobs

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