Pennsylvania Flash Flood: 5 dead, 2 children missing | Pennsylvania

5 dead, 2 children missing Floods hit parts of southeastern Pennsylvania Over the past week during the recent severe storms that hit the area.

A family of two children, a 9-month-old boy and his 2-year-old sister, were hit by a car on their way to a barbecue on Saturday, Upper Makefield Fire Chief Tim Brewer said Sunday. His mother was later found dead, but his father and younger brother “miraculously” survived.

Officials said four other people died in floods in the Bucks County area. The victim’s identity has not been released.

Storm deaths in the region have increased in recent days. Authorities initially said at least three people had died, but warned the number could rise.

“A mass casualty incident like this… [are] It was an incredibly tragic event for everyone involved,” Brewer said. “We are all grieving.”

Southeast Pennsylvania It was the only place in the United States to experience torrential rains and floods as the global climate emergency worsened.

Last week in Montpelier, Vermont flooded After two months of rain for several hours. The same storm swept away parts of New York’s Hudson Valley, killing a 35-year-old woman.

Last month, parts of the Northeast received between 200% and 300% of the average monthly precipitation. The rain that hit Pennsylvania on Saturday reached the New York area on Sunday.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul advised New Yorkers should avoid unnecessary travel.

“This rainfall is much more dangerous because the ground is already saturated,” she said. “Flash floods don’t give a warning. It literally happens in an instant.

“At that moment, your car could tumble from safety to death.”

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Michael Mann, a climate scientist and eminent professor at the University of Pennsylvania, said: told CNN Atmospheric changes due to climate warming are “intensifying” natural weather phenomena, he said.

“Sure, the weather is the weather,” Mann said. “It will happen, there will be events like rainfall and flooding. What climate change is causing is supercharging climate change, so when any of the weather systems that produce a lot of rain occur, it will rain more.”

Flooding has hit the Northeast as more than 100 million Americans are on heat alerts. On Sunday, temperatures in Death Valley, which runs along part of central California’s border with Nevada, hit 128 degrees Fahrenheit (53.3 degrees Celsius), just two degrees short of the highest temperature recorded in sub-sea valleys and anywhere else on Earth. Pennsylvania Flash Flood: 5 dead, 2 children missing | Pennsylvania

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