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Pennsylvania enacts tougher drunk driving laws

A new law in Pennsylvania will increase penalties for repeatedly driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, PennDOT announced Tuesday.

PennDOT Director Yasmin Gramian said, “This law significantly changes existing laws to prevent repeat offenders from continuing to drive a vehicle while disabled by drugs or alcohol after being charged with DUI. By doing so, we ultimately improve protection for all drivers.” “Repeating these violations puts others at risk.These legislative changes reflect the severity of these acts to make our roads safer. “

Known as the “Diana Act,” the law escalates certain DUI offenses, requires consecutive sentences for certain repeat offenders, and imposes an 18-month term for second-degree felony DUI convictions. license suspension, PennDOT said in a news release.

The law is named after Deana Eckman, a 45-year-old Delaware County resident who died in 2019 from a serial DUI. Her family and friends have spent years pushing for legislation.

Under the law, an individual charged with a DUI who refuses a breath test or chemical test. He has been charged with a DUI if his blood alcohol content is greater than 0.16%. Or, if you’re charged with driving under the influence of a controlled substance, you face more serious consequences based on how many crimes you’ve committed before.

Because of their two previous offenses, they face third-degree felony and carry a maximum sentence of seven years in prison.

If you have three or more convictions, you are charged with a second-degree felony, punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

The law also states that if an individual convicted of a DUI offense has two or more previous offenses, a new sentence can be added to any other prison sentence already served, except for offenses that require consolidation. I am asking you to comply with Additionally, the law provides for increased sentencing if an individual has previously committed four or more of her DUI violations.

State Police Patrol Director Major Robert Krol said: “This law will increase the penalties for these individuals, and we hope that they will reconsider before they reoffend.”

State Police made 18,412 DUI arrests in 2020. According to PennDOT, an estimated 7,700 crashes involved alcohol in 2020, and about 6,565 involved drunk driving. Of these accidents, 3,701 were injured and 293 were alcohol-related deaths.

https://www.thereporteronline.com/2022/11/30/law-takes-effect-in-memory-of-delaware-county-dui-victim/ Pennsylvania enacts tougher drunk driving laws

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