Pennsylvania Catholic ‘Pride Mass’ canceled after protests | Pride

Mass of the Roman Catholic Church held in the West Pennsylvania This weekend’s rally in solidarity with LGBTQ Catholics was canceled after the service flyer was renamed “Pride Mass.”

Officials said the cancellation of Sunday Mass at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh was requested by the parish after it protested emails and phone calls containing threats. The exact nature of the protest message is unknown, but it came at a time when big brands like Target, Bud Light and Starbucks are facing off against the right wing. backlash Against the use of pride labels.

The Pittsburgh mass was organized by the Church for Transformation of the Catholic Church in partnership with LGBTQ+ advocacy ministries, according to the group’s president, Kevin Hayes. It is said that it is essentially similar to support activities.

Bishop David Zubik of the Diocese of Pittsburgh said the problem arose when an independent sponsor of the event advertised the Mass on flyers that “confused some and infuriated others.”

‚ÄúThis event was advertised as a ‘Pride Mass’ organized in conjunction with the following events: pride “This month is an annual secular event that supports members of the LGBTQ community on all levels, including lifestyle and behavior, and the Church cannot endorse this,” Zbik told parish priests, deacons and seminarians. said in a letter to

Zubik said demonstrators mistakenly believed he had endorsed the event, and that critics of the masses used “accusations and threats, and some even hateful words, that are not in line with Christian philanthropy.” added that he used

Bishop Zbik said he called for the gathering to be canceled “in view of everything that happened around this event”.

Kevin Hayes, president of The Catholic for Change in Our Church, said members of the group were “very sad and very frustrated.” He added that the aim was to “make LGBTQ Catholics feel welcomed as loving sons and daughters of a loving God and to affirm who they are in the context of Eucharist.” and we think it is appropriate,” he added. Pennsylvania Catholic ‘Pride Mass’ canceled after protests | Pride

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