PennDOT says some driver’s license services will not be available Saturday

PennDOT officials said Friday that some driver’s license services will be unavailable on Saturday due to network maintenance.

The maintenance affecting all states was rescheduled by Verizon from its previous scheduled time in February, officials said. This maintenance prevents authorities from accessing an individual’s driving record, as required by law, prior to issuing a driver’s license product.

The following driver license transactions will no longer be available:

• Initial issuance, renewal and reproduction of commercial and non-commercial driver’s licenses.

• Initial issuance of driver’s license for out-of-state transfers.

• Initial or Duplicate Learner’s Permits and Commercial Learner’s Permits Transactions.

• Any other transaction that results in the issuance of a driver’s license.

Road tests will be available as scheduled, but PennDOT will not be able to issue driver licenses immediately upon completion. PennDOT will arrange to return for processing with those who successfully complete the proficiency test.

If you have an ID card with a face photo, a medical examination card transaction, or a camera card (no change required), you can apply as usual if you wish to have your photo taken.

PennDOT’s third-party authorized online agent services will also be affected by the maintenance and will not be able to provide driver’s license product updates and duplicates on Saturday morning.

Most online services will be unaffected, but Real ID renewal or duplication and non-Real ID non-commercial driver license duplication will not be available on Saturday. PennDOT says some driver’s license services will not be available Saturday

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