PennDOT Announces EV Infrastructure Financing Opportunity

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (WTAJ) – Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) First round of the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Grant Program.

The application period is Friday, February 24th through Thursday, April 6th at 5:00 pm.

“The NEVI grant program provides an opportunity for Pennsylvania to build an EV charging infrastructure,” said Yasmin Gramian, PennDOT Administrator. “We took a score to ensure diversity in our local workforce and partnerships and created this grant program with equity in mind.”

As part of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act (BIL), PennDOT will receive and distribute $171.5 million in federal formula funds for electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure over the next five years.

For Round 1 funding, PennDOT has advanced budgets of $25.4 million for the 2022 Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) and $36.5 million for the 2023 FFY. A portion of this amount may be used for labor and workforce training, planning, outreach and program administration, if permitted. According to NEVI guidelines.

Applicants are expected to have approximately $56 million available. The PA NEVI grant program is a reimbursement grant program and applicants must provide a minimum 20% match.

The PA NEVI grant program funds are awarded on a competitive basis for the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of EV station infrastructure sites throughout Pennsylvania.

Most entities are eligible to receive NEVI funding. However, PennDOT expects most applicants to be public sector entities, incorporated nonprofit entities, and corporations or entities registered to do business in Pennsylvania.

NEVI grants support federal and federal goals to expand EV charging in line with previously designated (AFC) (list) and interstate analogous vehicles. Pennsylvania has over 1,800 miles of AFC. Per US DOT guidance, the NEVI Formula Fund will “build” the first designated AFC (within 50 miles between stations and less than 1 mile from an exit) to be used to meet US DOT minimum standards and requirements need to do it.

The PA NEVI grant program includes multiple rounds of funding. Round 1 will focus on building AFC networks along interstate highways to meet NEVI requirements.

PennDOT’s NOFO contains instructions and information about the grant program, eligibility, scoring criteria, submission process, and instructions. Stakeholders can view NOFO at: PennDOT website.

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All applications must be submitted electronically through the PA Department of Community and Economic Development’s. e-Grant system by 5:00 PM EST on Thursday, April 6.

Any questions about NOFO or how to apply should be sent to also publish frequently asked questions and answers onlineTo learn more about the NEVI Foundation of Pennsylvania and access PennDOT’s pre-announcement resources, please visit the PennDOT website. PennDOT Announces EV Infrastructure Financing Opportunity

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