Oprah Winfrey spurred Dr. Oz to endorse Fetterman in the Pennsylvania Senate election.Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is the first Republican rival to become famous on a daytime talk show as US TV host endorsed candidate John Fetterman in a hotly contested Senate race in Pennsylvania. He gave Democrats a surprise in November in the midterm elections by vilifying Mehmet Oz.

Earlier, Winfrey had said he would leave the election to Pennsylvania residents, but changed his position Thursday night during an online debate about voting in next Tuesday’s election.

“I said it was up to the citizens of Pennsylvania…but if I lived in Pennsylvania I would have already voted for John Fetterman for many reasons,” Winfrey said, urging the audience to vote for Democratic Party Running for Governor and Senate in various states.

The Pennsylvania seat has been viewed as the most likely seat opportunity for Democrats, with senators evenly split.

Polls show a close race between state lieutenant governor Fetterman and Oz, the celebrity heart surgeon endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

In a sign of how high the stakes are, Trump will return to Pennsylvania on Saturday to campaign for Oz, while Joe Biden and former two-term Democratic President Barack Obama will campaign for Fetterman on the same day. .

Oz left Oprah’s show after 5 years and 55 episodes to start his own daytime TV show, The Doctor Oz Show. The show moved from New Jersey to Pennsylvania, where he aired for 13 seasons before running for Senate.

The Senate seat is vacated by retired Republican Pat Toomey.

Fetterman race are among them It has tightened in recent weeks as polls show growing support for Oz.

Fetterman was declared fit for the job by his medical professional, but required some adjustments to accommodate auditory processing.

and recent discussionTo keep up with his condition, which Fetterman says is improving day by day, two 70-inch monitors were positioned above the moderator’s head to display the text of the questions transcribed and the text of Oz’s answers. rice field.

The candidates clashed violently over abortion rights, and Fetterman strongly supported the choice.

His endorsement by many Americans, especially Winfrey, an icon of women and African Americans, is seen to help boost the Democratic Party’s chances in that race.

Fetterman is Witty writing on social media Although he was physically absent from the campaign trail, especially over the summer, he became famous for repeatedly taunting Oz’s New Jersey connection. Oprah Winfrey spurred Dr. Oz to endorse Fetterman in the Pennsylvania Senate election.Oprah Winfrey

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