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On a positive note: Bethel Park women use past hardships to inspire others

Bethel Park, Pennsylvania (KDKA) — We all face hardships from time to time, but imagine beating cancer twice rather than face having a finger and a leg amputated.

Such was the case with Gene Mwale at Bethel Park. She contracted an infection in 2016 and nearly died. She awoke from her coma to find her fingers and toes missing, and then lost both her legs.

She has made a remarkable recovery and is dedicated to helping other amputees and cancer patients.

“I want to help people like me,” Mwale said. “We are the bridges. The miracle of hope is the bridge that helps people like me.”

Bethel Park’s Jean Mwale is dedicated to helping amputees and cancer patients.


Mwale has been persistent in her physical rehab, but Dr. Michael Munin of UPMC’s Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation says her outlook and spirit have made her grow.

“You can imagine the devastating nature of her symptoms she had to deal with,” the doctor said. Her willingness to do so and those things were very positive.”

Mwale believes it’s all for a reason.

“If someone came up to me right now and said, ‘Gene, I’m going to give you your leg back. I’m going to take back the fact that you had cancer,’ and I’d say, ‘No, thank you.'” Yes, it was hard and hard, but what I learned and how many people I was able to help was worth it,” Mwale said.

Learn more about the miracle of hope here.

https://www.cbsnews.com/pittsburgh/news/on-a-positive-note-bethel-park-miracles-of-hope/ On a positive note: Bethel Park women use past hardships to inspire others

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