“Northeast Braces for April Nor’easter: Heavy, Wet Snow Leads to Over 680,000 Power Outages”

A significant spring tempest swept through the Northeast, unleashing heavy snow, rain, and fierce winds late Wednesday and Thursday. The onslaught resulted in over 680,000 power outages across the region, predominantly concentrated in Maine and New Hampshire. Tragically, a woman lost her life in a New York City suburb when struck by a falling tree.

The National Weather Service warns of the potential for up to two feet of snow in parts of northern New England by Thursday evening, coupled with wind gusts reaching 50 to 60 mph (80 to 97 kph) along coastal and inland areas.

Reports flooded in of downed trees and power lines throughout the affected regions, with southern areas experiencing primarily heavy rainfall, leading to localized flooding. Chris Legro, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Maine, described this as the most substantial April nor’easter since 2020, recounting his own challenges navigating to work amidst the chaos of downed power lines.

Tragedy struck in Armonk, New York, as a tree fell on a vehicle, claiming the life of a woman inside. Treacherous road conditions led to a crash that shut down Interstate 95 northbound near Lewiston, Maine, on Thursday morning.

The storm’s impact extended beyond transportation woes, with dozens of flights grounded or delayed and numerous school and government closures in northern areas. Maine Governor Janet Mills urged citizens to avoid unnecessary travel, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing safety for plow trucks, utility crews, and emergency responders.

Despite preparations by utilities in northern New England, power restoration efforts were anticipated to be prolonged due to hazardous weather conditions. Boston faced whipping winds and driving rain, prompting precautions such as securing the New England Aquarium’s roof to protect against potential hazards to the sea lion habitat.

As cleanup operations continued in states affected by tornadoes and severe weather earlier in the week, forecasters warned of ongoing heavy, wet snowfall in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. Meanwhile, a spate of tornadoes in several states, including Oklahoma, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia, left a trail of destruction and claimed lives, underscoring the far-reaching impact of this volatile weather system.

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