Norfolk Southern train derails in Newcastle, Pennsylvania

NEWCASTLE, Pennsylvania (WKBN) – The Newcastle Police and Fire Department, along with Lawrence County Emergency Management, responded to the scene of the train derailment late Wednesday night.

The derailment occurred just after 11:00 pm near Montgomery Avenue and Lafayette Street in Newcastle. The tracks are on a bridge over the Mahoning River, but the car did not fall.

Representatives of the Norfolk Southern Railway Company are also at the scene.

Newcastle Fire Chief Michael Cobbé said no hazardous materials leaked from the nine derailed vehicles.

Norfolk officials said no one was injured.

“Given the recent train derailments that have occurred in our area, we have actually taken courses to prepare for this type of event. It doesn’t matter if it happens in our area, it matters when it happens because we have a lot of rail lines in our area,” Cobbe said. “We actually expected it at some point.”

Officials confirmed that some of the vehicles were empty, one of which was loaded with soybeans. Officials were waiting for a tow truck to be built to move the railcars. It takes him two hours to assemble the tow truck.

Due to the derailment, trains have stopped in Lowellville, closing not only downtown but also River Road near Struthers. Emergency vehicles are now passing through Struthers.

Officials said it would take several hours to move the cars.


The derailment occurred just 96 days after the train derailment in Norfolk Southern Village. East Palestine, Ohio. The company is still cleaning up the site.

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The Montgomery railroad crossing is closed in this area.

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