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Neighbors say their homes are shaking from a quarry blast in Whitehall Township. What can I do? – morning Call

Cracked foundations, dismembered door frames, quake-like tremors – these are the results of the explosion of a nearby quarry in the house where Whitehall Township resident Karen Kapick Berman lived two years ago. This is part of the problem we were dealing with in .

“I’m a materials engineer. Concrete just doesn’t have the ability to withstand vibration,” she said.

Capik-Berman and another resident spoke out against the operation of the quarry at the Whitehall Township Commissioners’ Committee on Monday night. At this meeting, the Commission also spoke with representatives of his New Enterprise Stone and Line Co. Inc. about blasting and mining in Egypt. 4160 Chestnut Street Quarry

Executive Vice President Philip Ginder said the briefing was held after the new company asked if residents had any complaints about the blasting.

Danny Funk, administrator of the New Enterprise of Nazareth and Martins Creek, encouraged residents to learn more about the operation through public forums and tours of the facility scheduled in the coming weeks.

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He added that New Enterprises is “strictly” regulated by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and his company cannot control the construction of nearby homes.

Geoenvironmental expert Stephanie Stewart said blasting in the Egyptian quarries typically takes place between 9 and 10 am as required by the DEP. Funk said the company blew up about every seven days.

Board Chairman Joseph Marx said residents had received “numerous” complaints about quarry blasting and recommended contacting state representatives with concerns. He added that options are legally limited as the new company complies with regulations.

“We all live and understand it. Unfortunately, this is an industry and a business,” he said. “And I know it’s not a good answer, but it’s a hard truth.”

The board took no action on Monday.

Among other things, the Board has approved a bill to initiate a referendum to replace the elected Treasurer’s office with an appointed Finance Director.Marx said this was the response To the thousands of dollars lost in taxes in 2017 and 2018 under the then treasurer.

He explained that the appointed position allows the township government to provide additional oversight.

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