MVR Unveils Year-Round Boccia Court in Youngstown, Ohio

young town, Ohio (WKBN) – Bocce is a big sport in the Youngstown area and has further improved its facilities as a sports hub. The MVR renovation work has been completed.

MVR has a rich history in Youngstown. Opened in 1927 in the Smoky Hollow District, it was the first liquor license in the area since Prohibition.

A lot has changed over the years. Two new bocce courts have been added this time. The entire bocce area is fenced for winter use.

Owner Joe Cases said it started with two courts in the early ’80s and then expanded to four courts. Now in full enclosure he has expanded to six.

“Installing a garage door that creates a summer vibe will heat everything, so we wanted to hear what you had to say and see if we could do this in the winter as well. We are going to do that,” said Kasse.

The Bocce League is a huge success in MVR.

“We believe we have the largest summer bocce rig in America,” said Cassese. “We currently have 104 teams.”

Kassese said winter bocce is scheduled to begin in November. MVR Unveils Year-Round Boccia Court in Youngstown, Ohio

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