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Multiple Philadelphia Homes Collapse Early on New Year’s Day in Series of Gas Explosions – The Morning Call

PHILADELPHIA — Multiple gas leaks in Philadelphia’s Port Richmond neighborhood led to an explosion early on New Year’s Day, collapsing two homes and taking several people to hospital, according to city fire officials. I was.

None of the injuries were fatal, but two people were rescued from the debris and three others required emergency medical services before being taken to a hospital, according to the Philadelphia Fire Department.

City officials said the incident occurred around 2:50 a.m. at 3500 Miller Street. Residents of the area said they heard what sounded like multiple vehicles crashing into each other.

“I heard a bang and came out and everyone came out,” said Thomas Bonk, who lives in Block 3600 on Miller Street. His house was fine, but the windows of his neighbor’s house were blown out by the force of the explosion.

Longtime residents recalled a similar explosion a few blocks away in 1999. Eight people were injured and he had three houses destroyed in a suspected gas explosion.

Tara Dendal, who lives next door to the blast, said she was awakened by the loud noise and debris falling on her arms. Dendal, his brother and daughter were able to evacuate without injury, although their home was heavily damaged.

All of the rear facing windows and some of her front windows were blown out. Bricks and debris from Dendor’s wooden fence lay on the front lawn.

“I have to smile and laugh because otherwise… it could be worse,” Dendal signaled to the collapsed houses. “I could be the one behind me, but I couldn’t imagine it.”

Details about the explosion were not available. The fire department is investigating the cause.

Fire officials at the scene told news media that some of the red brick tenements had been leveled.

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