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Most important things you should improve to get good at essay writing

There are things about essay writing which most people don’t focus on and those things are the most important when it comes to essay writing. These tips mentioned below are something every student should follow if they want to improve their essay writing. Without these skills, your essay writing will look poorly written and the reader won’t even bother reading the whole thing. You must pay attention to your teacher when they’re giving a lecture on essay writing. They’ll give you amazing tips on how you can get better at essay writing. It’s something you’ll get done overnight. You’ll have to practice day and night to write a well-written essay. So, don’t waste any time and start now!

Research writing and essay writing are two different things so don’t get confused between them. Research writing consists of around 28 pages and is very lengthy compared to essay writing. Essay writing only has 5 paragraphs. Research writing requires extensive research as you have to write 28 pages of it. It takes around a week to gather all the information for your research writing while free essays can be written in a day.

Another important thing you should know is that there are two types of essays. Persuasive and informative. An informative essay is when you write your essay in form of a question meaning you will write every key point about your topic as you’re giving information to your readers about the topic. So, you mustn’t miss any important detail or key point in it. A persuasive essay is when you convince readers to adopt your point of view. You will present arguments in which you will be trying your best to convince them to adopt your point of view. First, you will present 2 arguments and will give every information about it and then, in the end, you’ll support either one of them by giving a strong argument with it.

Here’s an important tip before you start writing your essay. Always read the instructions given on your essay assignment paper. You have to follow them no matter what because they’re guidelines given by your teachers. If you don’t follow them, you might end up failing the essay writing contest or your exam. So, always read the guidelines carefully.

Here are some important things you should work on if you want to improve your essay writing skills:

Research skills

Research skills are one of the most important skills you’ll want to improve if you want to get better at essay writing. Because when gathering information, good research skills come in handy. You can’t just go on the internet and copy stuff as you’ll get caught when your essays go through plagiarism tests. It’s important to know where you can find legit information and use it in your essay.


A good vocabulary is also very important as it makes your essay look well written. Using poor vocabulary will make your essay look like it’s written by some kid. You must work on your vocabulary if you’re willing to write a well-written essay. You can do that by reading books and novels, they’re the most effective way of improving vocabulary.

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