‘Mid West’ movie directed by Boardman, Ohio native Aaron Massey to premiere at Movies 8

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) — A Boardman native is bringing a movie he directed to the silver screen, which will premiere this month all the way from Columbus.

“Mid West” is a drama and mystery movie shot around Columbus — but the director and writer, Aaron Massey, has a special connection to the Valley: He grew up in Boardman.

On Nov. 24, he’s bringing his movie back to his hometown.

“To actually come back to one of the theaters that I grew up going to and to have my first film premiere there — it’s almost even beyond words, what that means,” Massey said.

Massey didn’t realize he wanted to get into the film industry until later in life, but he says his upbringing in Boardman had a big impact on who he is as an artist.

“I thought about how my creative mind was formed — me and my friends, we spent a lot of time riding our bikes through the neighborhoods in Boardman and playing in the woods and Boardman Park and creating our own stories,” Massey said.

“Mid West” was filmed over a year-long period in Columbus.

Massey said he’s proud to premiere the film in a community that dedicated itself to his success.

“I grew up in a great community, an environment with people who wanted to mentor me and and help. And I just feel like being part of the Midwest community really formed who I am,” Massey said.

“I would just love for yeah, my hometown to come out and have an experience around it. “
“Mid west” will be shown at the Boardman Movies 8 theater at 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 24.

Massey will hold a question and answer session after the movie. ‘Mid West’ movie directed by Boardman, Ohio native Aaron Massey to premiere at Movies 8

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