Members of the Lisbon Amateur Radio Association connect with radio enthusiasts to mark this day

Lisbon, Ohio (WKBN) — Saturday marks National Amateur Radio Field Day, ham radio Carriers across the country logged on to radio waves to see how many people they could reach.

“Kilo Eight Golf Quebec Bravo”.

Gage Smith is an 11-year-old boy who reads out call signs. He is one of the youngest amateur radio operators of the Lisbon Amateur Radio Association.

He has been doing this hobby with his father for three years and says his favorite part is…

“I can talk to people all over the world.”

In the afternoon, First News caught a glimpse of how Smith got in touch with another operator from Iowa who was attending the field day.

Amateur radio operator: “I’m glad to hear from you. Enjoy the sports day.”
Smith: “Roger Roger”

The association gives points to everyone they talk to, plus extra points for things like being a low-power power plant.

People from all over the country and around the world participated.

Last year, the Lisbon operator contacted over 200 different participants.

Ryan Kiko, president of the Lisbon Amateur Radio Association, said: “It could be anywhere from Maine to California to Hawaii to Europe and Asia every day.”

“Making such contacts is something you will remember forever. You meet a lot of good people here on the ham radio,” said ham radio operator Walter Kernich.

Not only is it super fun. Kiko said amateur radio skills are important in emergencies such as natural disasters.

“Traditional means of communication are not available, but radio amateurs can pass on messages and call for help if needed,” Kiko said.

Portable digital radios and logs have made this hobby much more developed. However, some long-time license holders prefer old-school techniques like Morse code. 11-year-old Smith is now learning the craft.

“We would love to see our legacy passed on to younger generations,” said Kernaich.

The group will operate the radio from Saturday evening through Sunday morning. Members of the Lisbon Amateur Radio Association connect with radio enthusiasts to mark this day

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