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Maximizing Twitch Channel Growth –How to Get Twitch Followers

Twitch was launched as a US-based video gaming service in 2013. In the first year, it did not make much headway. It was only in 2014 after being acquired by e-commerce giant Amazon that the exponential growth of the platform started. Within a year, 2015, it had achieved monthly views of 100 million, growing to an astounding 3 million monthly broadcasts, 1.5 million daily active users, and 1.4 million concurrent users by February 2020.

Presently, Twitch can boast of 2.79 million average concurrent viewers, 105,000 average concurrent channels, and 8.54 million monthly broadcasts. It is the largest video streaming platform in the world, having overtaken YouTube in 2017, and accounting for over 43% of the Internet-based gaming traffic in the world. It is also into the streaming of music and broadcasting of e-sports events.

Now, if you are a gaming addict and cannot dream of a life without a console in hand in front of a monitor, there cannot be a better platform than Twitch to monetize your passion. Provided you know how to get Twitch followers and become a consistent streamer with a large bank of followers of your channel, the sky is the limit for the dollars rolling in.

Take the example of channel Ninja. In August 2019, there were 14 million followers and the earnings were seven figures. You can dream of a high-flying life even with a fraction of Ninja! Hence, your sole focus on Twitch should be how to get Twitch followers to strike it rich.

How to Get Twitch Followers

Now that you know (with an appealing example thrown in) that the most optimized way to rake in the millions on Twitch is to build up a large following, the point is to know how to get Twitch followers.

There are two ways to go about it and what you choose depends on several factors like your budget and your needs. Do you want to seamlessly and quickly build up your following or do you want to do it steadily and organically?

Both will now be explained in great detail.

Grow your Channel Organically

There are benefits and downsides to this strategy. The downside is that you will find the growth very slow and it might even take a couple of years before you have enough followers to make a major impact on your earnings.

The benefit here is that the following you build up will be loyal and dedicated and will not fade away in the long run. They will donate to your channel to encourage you to grow, buy the personalized merchandise that you promote on your network, and will help draw in more followers, viewers, and chatters. Your credibility as a channel that offers value will spread, thereby attracting more followers.

But all this cannot come out of thin air and you have to work hard to achieve it. To grow your channel organically as an answer to how to get Twitch followers, you have to focus on being a consistent streamer so that others perceive that you are serious about your channel growth.

The most important is to stream consistently. Work out a streaming schedule of the time and the games to be played and publish it on your channel. Those who love to watch you play will know when to come back for more. Otherwise, your followers will move on to other channels and you will lose their support.

Another aspect is to create a niche channel to stand out in the crowd. Design a specific format so that your channel is instantly recognizable. Be an expert in gaming techniques and advise others how to play complex games,inform about the latest games launched and provide a demo on your channel, or even offer some entertainment to raise a laugh when chatting with your followers. The point is to have a niche channel that will be a meeting point for like-minded followers.

Follow these strategies for high organic growth of followers.

Buy Twitch Followers for Quick Growth

Another plan that you can follow is to buy Twitch followers and grow your channel at a very fast clip. The advantage here is that you can grow at your own pace depending on your budget and capacity. Invest in 100,000 followers or in small parcels of 1,000 at a time, it is fully in your hands.

Followers can be purchased from sites that specialize in this field. Hence the first step of buying followers as a means of how to get Twitch followers is to research the Internet and try and differentiate the genuine from the fake ones. Many fraudulent websites provide fake followers and charge you for it. You might see a temporary boost in numbers but that will fade away over time, leaving you at square one.

Also, avoid sites that promise you exponential growth in the number of followers within a very short period. These sites use bots and automation to gather followers, a practice that is against Twitch policies. If you resort to this method to grow your followers you might be banned from the platform and your privileges suspended.

Choose sites that offer customer service 24×7. It means that they are genuinely concerned about their customers. Twitch streamers are present in all corners of the globe and play at odd hours. Offering support round-the-clock will only be done by websites that are credible and authentic.

These are the two ways of how to get Twitch followers. Choose the one that you are comfortable with.


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