Martic Twp. A supervisor hears from a resident about the lawyer’s

when: Martic Township Supervisors Meeting, September 6th.

what happened: Hildale Road Martic resident Sara Crill complained at a recent Township Zoning Hearing Board meeting about the actions of township attorney Josele Cleary. It was Krill’s first time attending a zoning conference, and she said she was appalled by Cleary’s behavior and her conduct as a representative of her town. Ryan Anastasio of Creamery Road supported Krill’s comments, stating that Cleary acted like a trial attorney bringing the town’s residents to justice at the rally.

Citable: “The way she spoke to our townspeople,” Krill said. “It’s the only (zoning meeting) I attended, so I don’t know if she normally behaves like that, but she was very hostile and very aggressive. I don’t think it should be necessary. She represents our town.”

Township response: Oversight Board Chairman Duane Sellers asked Krill to explain the attorneys she had mentioned that the Zoning Board and the Oversight Board were represented by two different attorneys. Sellers confirmed that Cleary, a solicitor for the Township, was the attorney she was concerned with. Or did not respond to comments by Anastasio.

Other business: Sellers said municipalities served by Lancaster EMS, especially those on the southern edge of the county, need to increase their support for ambulance companies. He said poor financial support for the area’s only ambulance service doesn’t bode well for township residents or residents in other areas.

Important reasons: As an example, Sellers said the city of Lancaster, which has the highest call volume in Lancaster EMS’ service area, has left ambulance companies with a funding shortfall of more than $177,000. He gave the example that when a drug overdose occurs in a city and an ambulance from the Willow Street station has to serve the city, the ambulance stationed in the back would move to Willow Street to fill the void. Sellers said this could result in longer response times for township residents.

Citable: “The donation requested for Lancaster Township was $81,887. Township gave them $7,500.00. Some townships don’t provide (financial support) while giving examples of townships.

Harrisburg watches carefully: Sellers said declining financial support for ambulance companies had been noted among state capital leaders, and warned that costs would most likely rise if the government got involved.

What’s next: The Board of Supervisors will meet again on October 3 at 7:00 pm.

— Dean Lee Evans, LNP | Lancaster Online Martic Twp. A supervisor hears from a resident about the lawyer’s

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