Marketing: Understand How To Do It Efficiently

It doesn’t matter what the segment of your company or professional activity is: you need to learn how to do Video Marketing. After all, video platforms are the fastest growing in the market today and it’s much easier to communicate this way with the audience than through other media, including written text. Thus, working with video helps to increase your sales opportunities and to close new deals.

 Views, comments, subscribers, and likes play an important role in the modern era of the video marketing industry. YouTube Comments are very important for the company because it reflects the customer’s approach to the products or services, but the competition for getting YouTube views and likes is high. Although there are services from whom you can buy YouTube comments, and buy YouTube likes as well.

To get a sense of the impact of videos, YouTube alone is responsible for 37% of all Internet traffic. Yes: almost 40% of all internet traffic on the entire planet goes to YouTube alone. Not to mention videos on Instagram, Facebook, embedded in Internet posts, online classes, lectures, streaming services, and many other different options. It’s no wonder that, according to estimates, roughly 80% of all online traffic is on video.

 In other words: the main medium for working with marketing today is video. That’s why you need to learn how to do Video Marketing. If you think you need a lot of money for this, you are wrong. Know that it is possible to start with little money and do everything efficiently. Want to know how? See our tips below!

How to Make Video Marketing Efficiently in 5 Steps

1. Have a cell phone with good recording capability

The first step to start doing Video Marketing is to have a cell phone with good recording capacity. Nowadays, there are devices that record in 720p, 1080p, and even 4K. Of course, the better the resolution, the more professional the image. However, at the same time, the more difficult it will be to edit and render the video (you will need a more powerful computer).

So it’s important to balance good resolution with ease of editing and low cost. For example, you can buy a professional camera to film, but it is much more expensive equipment than a good quality cell phone.

2. Learn how to use lighting to your advantage

If you have a decent camcorder that is capable of running at 1080p or 720p with good frame fluidity, then you only need one more thing to work professional quality in your videos: lighting.

 Lighting is vital to good video as it ensures an acceptable light flow, which increases sharpness when shooting. After all, part of the loss of definition in videos is connected with poor lighting.

 Thus, the idea is to use natural light for filming, as it is the most abundant there is. However, if you want a little more professionalism, buy some lighting equipment and learn how to set up a 3-spot set up so you can record the videos you want.

3. Be creative when using your videos

One of the most interesting points about working with Video Marketing is that you can be creative and still get good results. For example, it’s possible to create videos with just photos and still generate engaging and entertaining material.

 At the same time, you can work with simple animations using vector material, available on free websites or in paid galleries. In any case, it is possible to establish several different ways of conversing with the public. So be creative to reap the best results.

4. Understand what you want to communicate to your audience

A video isn’t used within a marketing campaign if it doesn’t have a clear goal of communicating with the audience. So before you start developing one, you need to understand where your audience is now and where you want to take them. That way, you’ll know exactly what to communicate to him.

 For example, suppose your company produces equipment that helps with back pain. It is possible to speculate making videos that:

 ● are made for those who have back pain to learn about the possible causes;

● made for those who want to learn to identify the reason for back pain;

● are produced for those who want to know how to reduce back pain;

● made to show how the company’s product alleviates pain.

 Each of these videos is different from the previous one and should be used at different stages of the purchase journey. That’s why it’s important to know exactly what you want to show and communicate in order to make the best video possible.

5. Show, don’t tell

Finally, to succeed in Video Marketing, it’s important to use one of the most used rules of cinema: Show, don’t tell. In other words: instead of talking, talking, and talking all the time, use the natural dynamics of videos to communicate with the customer.

 Now that you know how to do Video Marketing efficiently, you can start using this tool to sell more for your business. Remember that it’s important to understand how to work the right way with each platform. On YouTube, you can invest more in complex tips and slightly longer videos. On social media, you can focus on quick tips and more ephemeral content. However, always use the right resolution and format for each platform.

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