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Mahoning County Engineer Pat Ginetti on how changing temperatures are impacting roads

MAHONING CO., OH (WKBN) – Cold temperatures and bad weather hit the Valley this past week. However, we have a warm-up scheduled for this week. How will changes in temperature affect roads?

Last weekend’s winter storm brought heavy snow, ice and high winds. The minimum temperature in the valley reached -5 degrees. But things are heating up again.

“Anytime you have this, you have this freeze-thaw cycle and you have a problem. It breaks the road,” said Mahoning County engineer Pat Ginetti.

Ginetti said temperature fluctuations will cause road damage to occur more quickly.

“It would be nicer if it was cold all winter,” Ginetti said.

As far as handling the roads…

“We’ve gone from rain to freezing temperatures, so snow is more manageable than extreme cold like last week, so salt stops working at certain temperatures,” Ginetti said.

According to Ginnetti, this week’s warm-up is about “revealing your weaknesses.”

“Whether it’s extreme dry or cold, cold to hot, hot to cold, the ground is moving, which exposes its weaknesses,” Ginetti said.

As far as water is concerned, Ginetti said the county owns only a fraction of the water system. However, the roads are closely monitored.

“Some roads that have been unpaved for several years are clearly more prone to collapse than new roads. But this year the paved roads will start cracking,” Ginetti said.

If the line breaks this week, the line owner will cover the cost of fixing it.

https://www.wkbn.com/news/local-news/county-engineer-discusses-how-fluctuating-temperatures-affect-the-roads/ Mahoning County Engineer Pat Ginetti on how changing temperatures are impacting roads

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