Lottery stories to prove that dreams come true

The lottery has been traditionally one of the people’s favorite sources of money-related fun. People usually go to the lottery for fun, knowing full well that the chances for actual success are astronomically low. But this doesn’t mean that success isn’t on the table! Below you will read about some of Pennsylvania’s most famous recent lottery stories that will prove that with some hope, and a little luck you too can make your dreams come true!

Some brief history

Our beloved Pennsylvania Lottery has been established on the 26th of August, 1971, and since then has fulfilled a lot of dreams! In 1972, on March 7th, the Pennsylvania Lottery made its premiere with a 50-cent ticket that features amazing weekly drawings and a grand prize of 1 million dollars.

Since then, the drawings, games, and prize pools have only become more and more and thus more fulfilled dreams. But below you will read more about what the Pennsylvania Lottery offers to its customers and more about what the power of faith can bring!

1 million dollars grand prize at New Year’s Eve

Brian Mineweaser undoubtedly had an amazing start to his year as he has the most recent lottery success story in Pennsylvania. The Chester County resident became the winner of the 1 million grand prizes, awarded right after “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2022”. He previously won a special online Pennsylvania Lottery Prize Drawing which allowed him to win the 1$ million prize on New Year’s Eve in New York. “It’s an amazing feeling to win 1 million dollars! This will help me put my kids through college,” said Mineweaser in an interview. With just a little bit of faith and luck, Brian managed to have the lottery success story of his life which will certainly provide him with a lot of security in his future.

The $300,000 Pennsylvania Scratch-Off

This one is a real movie story! In 2021 Andrea J. had the success story of her life after a stroke of good fortune hit her with a lottery ticket earning her a grand prize of $300,000! Previously doctors have told Andrea that her health issues are getting worse and worse and she will not live to see 2017. But here she is in 2021, thankful that not only is her life saved due to modern medicine but that she was blessed with the luck to win an award as big as this one. Andrea said that after the scratch-off she was down on her knees thanking God for yet another amazing blessing she has received.

$10,000 for McKean County man

Sometimes a lottery success store is just around the corner in the most trivial fashion. Such was the case for Tim from McKean County who on the way back from the grocery store decided to stop by a Uni-Mart in Bradford and buy a scratch-off ticket. Turns out this little detour earned him $10,000 in his bank account!

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw the symbols! I used some of the prize money to pay off my vehicle,” said Tim in an interview.

So if you too want to have the lottery success story of your life and join Tim, Andrea, and even Brian in the team of winners don’t hesitate to turn to the Pennsylvania Lottery for some fun and a chance to win!

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