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Charles Cullen is estimated to be the most prolific serial killer in American history. But when Kristy Wilson-Cairns began writing the script for his arrest, she didn’t want Karen, who was sentenced to serial life in 2006, but Amy, the nurse who first revealed his crimes. I started outside Lauren’s house.

“I went to the real Amy’s house in upstate New York,” recalls Scottish screenwriter Wilson Cairns. “I think I was 23 or 24. It’s really important to me. It’s your life story. Can you help me?'”

“The Good Nurse,” which debuts Wednesday on Netflix, takes a deliberately different approach to a true crime thriller.Killed 29 victims while working as a nurse in New Jersey and Pennsylvania The story of Karen, who admitted to having done so but is believed to have killed more than 300 hospital patients, could be the kind of sensational serial killer that exists on streaming services.

But directors Tobias Lindholm and Wilson Cairns drew heavily from the forensically-studied 2013 book by Charles Graeber, The Good Nurse: The True Story of Medicine, Madness, and Murder, with Lauren and We wanted to focus on the larger health issues in the United States. Cullen’s care system fostered by his 16 years of undiscovered murder.

“I saw the potential to run a serial killer in a way I had never seen before. Instead of being tempted by why he does this or how hurtful he is as a person, Take a step back and look: why and how do we allow this to continue,” says Lindholm. “In my opinion, he’s not Hannibal Lecter. It’s not this great mind. He’s a pretty simple guy doing pretty simple things, but the system that makes it possible.”

The Good Nurse, which debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival, stars Jessica Chastain as Lauren and Eddie Redmayne as Karen. By pairing the two Oscar-winners and best friends for the first time, “The Good Nurse” exchanges their natural chemistry. Lauren befriends the recently hired Karen. Transferred from her hospital to hospital, Karen was able to easily cover up a patient’s fatal poisoning in her intravenous fluids.

“This case asks us whether it’s a good idea for people to make money off other people’s health,” says Lindholm. “Is a hospital a good business?”

The adaptation of “The Good Nurse” was the first job Wilson Cairns hired about ten years ago. Since then, she has co-authored two of her high-profile projects, including ‘1917’ with Sam Mendes and ‘Last Night in Soho’ with Edgar Wright. Her trip to visit Lauren was her second time in America. To research this film, she shadowed a nurse at a Connecticut hospital for two weeks.

“What I’ve found is that the actual health care providers — doctors, nurses, radiologists, anesthesiologists — all these people are incredibly brave,” Wilson-Cairns said. say. “They put their lives in boxes so they can help others. We have learned that the system they are forced to work in is not optimal for patient care.”

Production on ‘The Good Nurse’ has been temporarily postponed, and Lindholm, the Danish author of the critically acclaimed films ‘Another Round’ and ‘The Hunt’, has written a six-part story about the death of Swedish journalist Kim. ‘s mini-series “The Investigation”. wall. Chastain and Redmayne remained committed to making films with Lindholm, drawn to his naturalistic approach.

Chastain followed up with her Academy Award-winning performance in “The Eyes of Tammy Fey,” and relied on conversations with single mom Lauren. She was particularly responsive to how Lauren worked as a nurse through her arrhythmia: Before filming the scene, Chastain was jogging around the set to get her heart rate up. She also wore earpieces with heartbeats that could accelerate mid-scene.

“She worked the night shift, so her daughters felt like stay-at-home moms. That’s what she kept saying, her kids watched her when she was awake.” “The idea that this woman would risk her health to feed her children, and her comfort by not getting the sleep she needs, is a testament to who she is and what she is.” It taught me a lot about what is possible.”

Redmayne ventures into darker territory than he’s known for, drawing on courtroom appearances and footage of Karen from “60 Minutes” to deliver a performance that eschews the usual serial killer stereotypes. In Graeber’s book, Cullen is described as “a sad Mr. Rogers type, soggy and depressed.”

“There was something about his physique that was interesting to me,” says Redmayne. “He’s a very quiet person. But if you look really close, you can see that he’s always soothing himself. The man was a deeply wounded human being, and the idea of ​​seeking comfort was interesting to me.

Most encouraging for Wilson Cairns is to see Lauren honored for her achievements ten years after she knocked on her door in embarrassment.and movie premiere in torontoLauren held back tears to a standing ovation.

“This woman didn’t get credit for what she did,” says Wilson Cairns. “People don’t think of normal women as this kind of hero. They don’t get enough of them on screen, in the media, in books. The real Amy has taken countless lives.” I thought it wouldn’t be a bad way to spend 10 years to see her get some credit for saving her. Lehigh Valley killer nurse Charles Cullen movie ‘The Good Nurse’ exposes healthcare system – The Morning Call

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