Legislation is looking to ban PFAS chemicals in food packaging.politics

Legislators will soon consider legislation to ban per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in food packaging throughout Pennsylvania.

Senator Jean Yeo introduced the bill to the Senate floor.

“Exposure to these chemicals linked It has many adverse health effects, including cancer, liver damage, fertility decline, asthma, and thyroid disease,” Yeo said. It’s an easy way to protect yourself from harm.”

The use of PFAS is widespread in many everyday products, from household cleaners to carpets to nonstick cookware. One of the most harmful exposures occurs when his PFAS compounds used in packaging reach food.

Recent report The Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests an exposure limit for one PFAS compound. Existence – Should be about one-tenth of the existing Environmental Protection Agency recommendations.

“PFAS persist in soil, water, air, and even our own bloodstream,” says Yaw. “The dangerous effects of repeated exposure cannot be ignored, especially when better alternatives exist.”

Specifically, Senate Bill 1351 prohibits the manufacture, distribution, sale, or offer for sale of food packaging containing PFAS. Manufacturers are also required to post a certificate of compliance at their place of business to certify that their food packaging complies with the requirements outlined in the law.

On legislation, Mr. Yeo Senate Bill 302 – Limiting foam containing PFAS – is a “meaningful step” to reduce PFAS contamination.

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