Kumail Nanjiani Amazing Body Transformation- Natural or Steroids?

KumailNanjiani’s 2021 transformation turns out to be the BEST one we have ever seen. The Big Sick star is a Pakistani Born and displayed his talents as a comedian and minor actor first. Recently, he has been undergoing an amazing physical transformation for his role in Marvel’s movie “The Eternals”. In the movie, Kumail is about to play Kingo that is a cosmic being on earth.

KumailNanjiani’s amazing physique is not a byproduct of steroid use, according to him, he went on a strict diet and training that allowed him to become this much ripped and chiseled. After he decided to reveal his new looks on social media, KumailNanjiani was backlashed by the users saying he might be on steroids. Others came out to support the future big star upon his muscular transformation in the past.

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KumailNanjiani Body-Shamed

On an occasion of the New Year, KumailNanjiani was body-shamed by his fans who also accused him of using steroidal compounds.

“Happy new year! I celebrated with a pandantresleches cake from @marysmakeshop that made me rethink everything,” Nanjiani captioned the photo of himself seemingly about to enjoy a slice of cake.

“I only eat Pandantresleches cakes from here on out. Hope everyone had a good and safe NYE. Here’s to a better 2021 for us all,” he added.

The picture instantly became the target for some audience to turn it into a heated debate. This mostly involved how Kumail got into such shape for his new Marvel movie. When we talk about superheroes movies, the actors and actresses both need to be ripped in a short period of time.

Chris Evans trained hard for his role of Captain America, so did Chris Hemsworth who appeared as Thor. Similarly, KumailNanjiani might have put a lot of effort but yet, we don’t know about the involvement of steroids in his regimen.

KumailNanjiani Flaunted New Physique on Instagram

On December 19, Kumail showed his new body for his upcoming movie on his Instagram page. The image caused a huge conspiracy amongst fans and other Hollywood celebrities who couldn’t see if it’s the same person. One of Kumail’s fans Tan France wrote in all cap letters “ARE YOU F—ING KIDDING ME? I AM LIVID.”

Kumail confessed that he has been training for over a year to get into this shape for his role. Kingo is the character that might be appearing in theatre soon, he is a skilled swordsman on earth in the comics. According to Marvel stories, the character is powered and is a cosmic entity.

“I found out a year ago I was going to be in Marvel’s ‘Eternals’ and decided I wanted to transform how I looked,” Nanjiani shared in 2019. “I would not have been able to do this if I didn’t have a full year with the best trainers and nutritionists paid for by the biggest studio in the world.”

Kumail’s trainer, Grant Roberts who is a recognized gym trainer told the Hollywood Reporter that he and Kumail have been working together to get this desired body shape. The goal was to increase the lean muscle in his body while encouraging excessive body fat burn with perfect body symmetry. This is how most actors get into superhero shape, also by visiting the gym twice a day sometimes but the 5 days in a week is mandatory. When he was on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” a month later in January 2020, Nanjiani said he had given up pizza and donuts for over a year.

KumailNanjiani Diet

It was in January 2020 when Jimmy Kimmel surprised KumailNanjiani with sweets, he was delighted though, and said on ABC. “I’ve had no refined sugar in a year, I’ve had almost no carbs at all,” Nanjiani told Kimmel.”You know what my snack is? I get a bag of sugar snap peas and I eat them,” he added. “That’s what I’ve been doing at night when I’m like, ‘I’m a little hungry. I’m going to treat myself.'”

Kumail got sentimental when presented with sweets, the actor also noticed in a photo with a slice of cake that looked herbal. Due to the pandemic started in 2019, the marvel movie Eternals is delayed and now we are hearing it will be released on November 5th, 2021.

KumailNanjiani on his Low-carb Diet

  • ‘Basically, it’s 5 days of low-carb, then over the weekend you can eat as much as you want.
  • KumailNanjiani on his evolving diet
  • ‘I’m trying to figure out the food thing right now because I wasn’t eating enough.
  • KumailNanjiani on vanity
  • ‘I’m still kind of afraid of gaining the wrong kind of weight because I’m very vain.
  • KumailNanjiani on Pakistani food
  • ‘Pakistani food is delicious, but it’s a lot of carbs…Afterward, my wife will say, “Let’s take a quick nap.” We wake up 5 hours later.
  • Nnjiani on street food
  • ‘I love love, love street-cart food. Gyros are like a meat-flavored fruit roll-up.

KumailNanjiani Workout Supplements

Let’s be honest, if kumail had been using steroids it wouldn’t be a big thing since he is not appearing is any sort of competition. When we looked at the supplements list of KumailNanjiani that he used during his workout period, we found that he has been a big fan of legal steroids.

Not so many people heard about them but they are the best way to increase muscle mass and get rid of excess fats in the body. Feasible for both men and women, legal steroids come in various forms.

Here is the list of supplements that Kumail used for his Eternal role.

  • Multivitamins: Nanjiani worked with a nutritionist who gave him plenty of options about the supplements that he might take. Multivitamins provide multiple benefits and supply nutrition that you may or may not get from your diet.
  • Glutamine and BCAAs Supplements: The ultimate tools for muscle building also prevent muscle wasting disease. BCAA improves recovery time in a person who is working out with muscle soreness symptoms in mind.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acid: Considered the healthy fats that also found beneficial in the fat burning mechanism. Omega-3 supports normal body functions by reducing inflammation during hard work out.
  • Protein Supplements: Protein powder is a natural and harmless choice for muscle building. We don’t know the exact amount Hollywood star KumailNanjiani takes it on daily basis but it’s certainly a good choice.
  • Creatine and Testosterone Supplements: Normally, testosterone boosters are the supplement that gives you athletic body and hardcore muscles like you can see on Kumail. Popular testosterone booster contains wildly effective ingredients that supply limitless energy and focus.
  • Vitamin Supplements for A, C, and E: These vitamins act as antioxidants to antagonize the free radicals and produce longer durations for workouts. Without these vitamins, our normal physiology would fall apart.

“I did a bulk so I basically ate a lot of protein, but also whatever I wanted. So I ate french fries, I ate ice cream for like four months. And now I’m cutting, so now I’m on the crazy diet. And so now it’s like no sugar,” Nanjiani said. “Listen, I love desserts. But I’d been eating whatever I wanted for four months, this actually doesn’t feel that hard. It feels like, ‘Oh, thank god.’ I was eating a meal right before going to bed. [My trainer] wanted me to eat a meal, a full meal, so at like 11, 11:30 p.m., I would eat a full meal and go to bed.”


After working with Dave Batista in STUBER, Nanjiani has gotten a few inspirations from the former WWE star or Drax. Turns out both Kumail and Dave will be seeing each other on Marvel’s Eternal set if by any chance Guardians of Galaxy are involved in this.

Nevertheless, KumailNanjiani’s amazing body transformation has no trace of steroids involved. The use of legal steroids or supplements is the only thing that Kumail was up to and his workout routine almost says it out loud.

With Incline Cable Chest Flyes, Machine Pulldowns, Bent over Dumbbell Laterals, Hex Bar Deadlifts, Cable Crossover Lateral Raises, the Hollywood star is keeping up his hard work for his career and future in the industry.

KumailNanjiani’s physical transformation is the live proof that you can achieve greater body shape and size just by high determination and hard work play the main part.





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