Know About Covid Tongue & Its Symptoms

Covid, as well as the other infections triggered by the coronavirus, are becoming increasingly difficult to comprehend as the pandemic now enters its third year. Many patients nowadays, for example, do not complain of typical symptoms like dyspnea or loss of taste and smell, but rather of a wide spectrum of symptoms that are quite unique from one another. Covid tongue is one such issue that has been reported as a consequence of Covid-19.

What happens when you get Covid tongue?

Covid-19 is known to adversely affect a lot of body organs. Tongue is one of them.  The disease can also have a negative impact on oral health. Many people who have been infected with it have experienced bumps and inflammations on their tongues, as well as mouth ulcers. Such symptoms might make eating an unpleasant experience.  Additionally many persons with Covid tongue also experience a loss of taste as well as a burning feeling in their mouth.

What causes Covid tongue?

High number of ACE receptors in tongue can be a cause of inflammation in tongue. ACE receptors are actually proteins that are found on the surface of your cells. SARS-CoV-2 can enter your cells by attaching to ACE receptors.  Your tongue has a lot of ACE receptors, which can cause swelling when you are suffering from Covid-19.

Swelling can occur throughout your body as an inflammatory response when your immune system is battling a bacterial or viral illness. This could include the inflammation or swelling of the tongue..

It may also be triggered as a result of the high doses of antibiotics.

Some medicines can lead to oral thrush, which is a fungus that can develop in your mouth as a result of a variety of infections. Covid-19 could be one of them.

Covid-19 has the potential to influence your salivary glands, causing them to produce less saliva. This may cause dry mouth. Dry mouth has been linked to a slew of other oral health issues, according to studies.

Any one of these conditions, or a combination of them, could give rise to Covid tongue. It can also be caused by several Covid treatment procedures such as placing of  breathing tubes and other treatments methods, which can irritate your mouth and cause a swollen tongue.

The exact cause behind Covid tongue still remains elusive to many experts as the Covid-19 virus is still a subject of study.

Treatment for Covid tongue:

There is no specific treatment option for Covid tongue at the moment. It’s possible that you won’t need a particular tongue treatment. In some circumstances, the Covid therapies you’re already getting will be enough to get rid of the tongue related problem. When Covid tongue becomes more severe and does not respond to standard treatment, you may need to seek professional help.

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, more than 50 million cases have been reported in the United States alone as per CDC data. Medical experts have worked intensively to gather information in order to determine the symptoms of the disease and fatigue, shortness of breath, and fever were among the first symptoms noticed. Gradually as the numbers continue to surge globally and the virus keep recurring in different variants, new symptoms have emerged, including the unusual Covid tongue symptom.


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