Knee Pillows: Do You Need Them?

Do you have trouble getting restful and uninterrupted sleep? If you do, It might be time you considered getting a Knee pillow. A leg pillow will not only allow you to have longer continuous sleep, but it will also ensure you enjoy a deeper sleep crucial for relaxation and your general wellbeing. Before deciding why you need knee pillows for sleeping, first find out what they are.

What is a Knee Pillow?

As the name already suggests, a knee pillow is placed between or beneath the knees when sleeping. The cushions promote spinal alignment providing relief pressure.

Why you might need Knee Pillows

The benefits accrued from the use of knee cushions are numerous. They are discussed below in detail:

1.      Allows Spinal Alignment for side sleepers

Sleeping on your side is relatively comfortable; however, this position may strain the hips and shoulders pressure points. A pillow between the knees alleviates the pressure and provides better spinal alignment, crucial for people like the elderly who are at risk of disc degeneration and herniated discs.

2.      Reduces Lower back and Hip Pain

A leg pillow may provide relief if you suffer from lower back pain, hip, and knee pain. They promote spinal alignment, which relieves pressure on pressure points. Please note, Knee pain or lower back pain may be a sign of sciatica, which requires medical attention to resolve the root cause.

3.      Improves Posture

An awkward sleeping position may change the alignment and the structure of the spine over time, altering body posture.

4.      Enhances blood circulation

If you are a back sleeper, placing a leg pillow beneath your feet promotes better blood circulation. It elevates your feet, allowing gravity to pull blood back towards the heart.A pillow between the knees perfectly aligns the body for side sleepers, allowing proper blood circulation.

5.      Prevents Hip Rotation

Leg cushions keep your knees in place. As a result, the hip and back are less likely to shift and twist at night. Hip rotation stops the body’s natural alignment, causing back and hip pain.

6.       Enhances smooth breathing

Sleeping with a pillow in between the knees allows spinal alignment to open the airways. Consider using the leg pillow if you have a breathing condition like sleep apnea.

7.      Provides relief for muscle cramps or Tension

A wrong sleeping position can strain your muscles or aggravate cramps already present. A cushion between your legs aligns and supports your knees.

8.      Promotes a good night sleep and reduces stress

A knee cushion holds your knees in place, and you are less likely to wake up from constant shifting. In addition, the Spinal alignment it provides will relieve pressure from the spine, back, and knees allowing you to enjoy a more profound and more prolonged sleep. Adequate rest from quality sleep reduces stress and improves mood.

9.       Provide Extra Support for Pregnant Women

Expectant mothers have difficulties getting comfortable when sleeping due to the additional weight. A pillow between the knees will support muscles and joints under pressure from increased weight, allowing for a more comfortable and restful sleep.


 Knee pillows are essential for both back and side sleepers. They lead to a restful sleep crucial for your general wellbeing. Shop for pillows that best suit you to get the most out of them.


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